11 dams to be connected through loop technique for ‘Marathwada Water Grid’

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Mumbai, 29th August 2019: Water Supply and Sanitation Minister Babanrao Lonikar informed that the work of the ambitious project- Marathwada Water Grid has started so the drinking water issue of two crore population in Marathwada will be resolved permanently.

One thousand 330 km long main pipeline will be installed under this project. 11 dams (Jayakwadi, Nimn Dudhana, Yeldari, Siddheshwar, Isapur, Vishnupuri, Majalgaon, Nimn Manar, Manjara, Nimn Terana, and Sina Kolegaon) will be connected with loop technic. A secondary three thousand 220 km long pipeline is proposed for carrying purified water to taluka after the water purification process.

The cabinet has recently approved the first proposal of Rs. 4 thousand 802 crores for main and secondary pipeline, water purification machinery and various related work in proposed grid for Beed district. This water will be used for drinking, agriculture, and industries. An agreement is signed with Me. Mekorot Development & Enterprises for this project.

 The decision to create a water grid in Marathwada was taken considering irregular and insufficient rainfall, lowered ground-water level, reduced ground-water and surface-water storage, increased demands of tankers and the water supply done in Latur city through railway in 2016.