Dhola chi Dhum-dhum

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Dhola chi Dhum-dhumPunekar News's photo.

Tasha chi Tarrii

Dhwajacha fadak na

An Janj cha awaj

Ek ch saad ghalto

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganpati Bappa Lavkar ya !

By Ankita Karkar

With onset of Ganeshotsav, everywhere evenings are reverberating with sounds of Dhol Tasha.

Punekar News's photo.The Dhol Tasha troupes begin their practice two months prior to arrival of Ganesh festival. People from various strata of society come together and practice regularly for 2-3 hours. In Pune and all over Maharashtra performances by various Dhol Tasha troupes is major attraction of Ganeshotsav.

Parth Khadilkar who is part of Shiv Vardhan Pathak says , “ Every year I eagerly wait for commencement of my troupes practice . Our troupe is not just confined to performing in Ganeshotsav, rather we also carry out book donation activities. My Pathak (group) participates in various ‘Dhol-Tasha Competitions’ held during the period of Ganpati festival. As a team we get new experiences and learn a lot by participating in such competitions”.

Since last few years, there is increase in women participation in Dhol Tasha activities. They shoulder various responsibilities of their troupes and perform in dhol , tasha , dhwaj at par with men. Enthusiastic participation of women and encouragement by men has led to establishing gender equality.Punekar News's photo.

“Playing Dhol in Ganesh festival grants me the opportunity to preserve and promote our Indian culture and tradition. After playing Dhol I feel energetic and positive. Being an MBA student I get ground level experience of tam management as a member of troupe”, says Aditi Deodhe of Om Vadya Pathak.

Completing schools,colleges,jobs,house work performers come together in evening for practice, set new rhythms,include inspiring songs. All the troupes are developing the real essence for which Lokmanya Tilak in 1893 put forth the idea of celebrating sarvajanik (public) Ganesh utsav.

Karan Thombare head of Raaghmantra troupe said, “As a Pathak we increase the glory of processions. Every year I ensure we build strong relations with more and more Ganpati mandals and not just remain aligned to a few mandals”.

He further added, “Every year people from various caste, different ideologies and thinking come together and enjoy the process from practice till final performance. I also get an opportunity to develop and test my management skills”.

Punekar News's photo.Dhol –Tasha troupes are now growing more than just being confined to performances and participating during Ganeshotsav. They provide a platform for learning new things; develop feeling of friendship, unity, teamwork and brotherhood. It also inculcates discipline, cooperation and makes people aware of tradition.

Being a part of such troupe will be a lifetime experience for anybody.

(Ankita Karkar is preparing for the civil services exams. She had also tried her hands on Dhol in the past. She believes Dhol Tasha performers urge to welcome beloved Ganpati Bappa on the rhythms of Dhol Tasha, janz and dhwaj is unmatched.)

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