15 new AIIMS in the Country

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New Delhi, February 11, 2020 : Apart from AIIMS at New Delhi, six (6) new AIIMS at Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Jodhpur, Patna, Raipur and Rishikesh under Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY) scheme, also became partially functional before 2014. Each of these six AIIMS has eighteen (18) Specialties and sixteen (16) Super Specialities. MBBS and Nursing admission in these six AIIMS also started since 2012.

During the last five years, fifteen (15) new AIIMS were approved under Phase-II, IV, V, VI and VII of PMSSY; which are being set up in the country. The details are given in Annexure-I. OPD along with Diagnostic and Pathology services have commenced at five (5) places viz. AIIMS Raebareli, AIIMS Mangalagiri, AIIMS Gorakhpur, AIIMS Nagpur and AIIMS Bathinda.

Besides, six AIIMS setup under phase – I (AIIMS Bhopal, AIIMS Bhubaneswar, AIIMS Jodhpur, AIIMS Patna, AIIMS Raipur and AIIMS Rishikesh) have become fully functional and baskets of services in these AIIMS have been expanded. Department such as Emergency, Trauma and Blood Bank have also now become functional. Presently, on an average, more than 15,000 patients cumulatively are visiting OPD daily in these six AIIMS. Also, at an average, equal numbers of patients are getting treatment in IPD every month. More than 4,000 major surgeries cumulatively are getting performed on monthly basis in these six AIIMS. All Specialty Departments and most of the Super-Specialty Departments have become functional. The details are given in Annexure-II.

The Minister of State (Health and Family Welfare), Sh Ashwini Kumar Choubey stated this in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha here today.


Annexure -I



Phase   AIIMS Date of Cabinet Approval Approved Cost

(Rs Cr.)

Approved Timeline
Phase-II 1 AIIMS, Raebareli 05.02.2009 [Revised Cost Estimates was approved by EFC on 22.06.2017] 823.00 March, 2020
Phase-IV 2 AIIMS, Mangalagiri,

(Andhra Pradesh)

07.10.2015 1618.00 60 Months

Sep, 2020

3 AIIMS, Nagpur (Maharashtra) 07.10.2015 1577.00 60 Months

Sep, 2020

4 AIIMS, Kalyani (West Bengal) 07.10.2015 1754.00 60 Months

Sep, 2020

5 AIIMS, Gorakhpur

(Uttar Pradesh)

20.07.2016 1011.00 45 Months

April, 2020

Phase-V 6 AIIMS, Bathinda (Punjab) 27.07.2016 925.00 48 Months

June, 2020

7 AIIMS, Guwahati (Assam) 24.05.2017 1123.00 48 Months

April, 2021

8 AIIMS, Bilaspur (H.P) 03.01.2018 1471.04 48 Months

Dec, 2021

9 AIIMS, Tamil Nadu 17.12.2018 1264.00 45 Months

Sep, 2022

10 AIIMS Jammu 10.01.2019 1661.00 48 Months

Jan, 2023

11 AIIMS Kashmir 10.01.2019 1828.00 72 Months

Jan, 2025

Phase-VI 12 AIIMS, Jharkhand 16.05.2018 1103.00 45 Months

Feb, 2022

13 AIIMS, Gujarat 10.01.2019 1195.00 45 Months,

Oct, 2022

14 AIIMS, Telangana 17.12.2018 1028.00 45 Months

Sep, 2022

Phase-VII 15 AIIMS, Manethi (Haryana) 28.02.2019 1295.00 48 Months,

Feb, 2023