17,000 saplings being planted by wood-workers

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~Activity aims to rejuvenate & develop green zones across cities~

~Saplings of Sheesham, Sagaun, Peepal & Mango planted at more than 450 locations across 150 cities~

August 12, 2016: Fevicol Champions’ Club (FCC), an exclusive club for wood-working contractors, organised its second Vriksharopan Diwas – a nationwide tree-plantation initiative, today, to commemorate India’s 70th Independence Day. Over 12,000 wood-workers/contractors took part in the initiative, planting saplings of Sheesham, Sagaun, Peepal and Mango at more than 450 locations across 150 cities in India. In fact, the FCC Members are not only planting trees but also owning up green zones – the locations are such that the tree growth will be consistently monitored.

Fevicol Champions Club had successfully planted 19,000 trees and adopted 48 green zones during the Vrikshropan Diwas activity last year and it continues to nurture and take care of them in this ongoing initiative. The success of the initiative can be measured by the fact that last year, the trees planted by the FCC members have grown and today comprises over 12000 trees which successfully survived across various green patches and zones.

The Vriksharopan Diwas is not merely a plantation drive but an exhaustive initiative, wherein, FCC adopts several public places across India to form green zones. The initiative stretches beyond the plantation of saplings to take care of them and ensures growth and development of green zones. The plantation includes shrubs and saplings. This earnest initiative by the FCC members is a way of gratification towards nature and a meaningful initiative that truly goes back to its roots.

This year, FCC aims to create green patches in 50 cities across the country and about two green zones are planned to be developed in each city that would ensure complete rehabilitation of the health of soil and the plantations around it.

Pidilite’s Fevicol, Asia’s largest-selling adhesives brand, supports the drive by providing the saplings and remains the backbone of the entire initiative. The initiative was held in Kolkata, Chandigarh, Kanpur, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Delhi, Surat, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur, Bangalore, Chennai and Udaipur.

Mr. Salil Dalal, President, Sales and Marketing, Fevicol Division, Pidilite Industries. said, “The Fevicol Champions’ Club aims to connect the members of the Fevicol Champions Club to its roots by taking up this unique initiative of Vriksharopan Diwas. The FCC volunteers have shown active interest and taken this opportunity to pay gratitude and appreciate the value of having trees as an integral part of our lives. FCC has been continuously contributing towards the society through its various initiatives such as Shramdaan Divas, education camps, Yoga Diwas, medical check-up camps, etc.”

Representative of FCC Chapter, said, “Vrikshropan Divas provides all the Fevicol Champions Club members an opportunity to express our gratitude towards something that is crucial to life and wellbeing of everyone. We thank FCC for giving us this unique platform where we can extend our support to society. As wood-workers, Vriksharopan Diwas holds special significance and it is an innovative way of offering something back to nature.”

Fevicol Champions Club serves as a platform for the wood-workers and their families to learn and enhance personal and professional skills to further expand their business. It also helps their spouses and children develop a hobby apart from engaging in various social and cultural activities. In the past, various activities have been undertaken by the club such as training workshops; self-development programs; medical camps: blood donation drives, pulse-polio vaccination drives, eye check-up, health check-up etc.; religious celebrations like Diwali, Chhat festival, Navratri etc.; social initiatives like cleanliness drives, feeding poor, tree-plantation drives etc.; children’s activities like baal melas and scholarships to name a few.