2 Khadki jewelers booked for cheating by selling less carat gold jeweleries

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Sumit Singh

Pune – Khadki police station has registered cheating case against Nilesh Shantilal Jain and Kamlesh Shantilal Jain of Modern Jewelers. Khadki Bazar, for selling gold jeweleries which had less carat of gold.

Businessman Akshay Anant Shinde (29), a resident of Junabazar Khadki, has lodged the complaint in the case. Nilesh Jain is the owner, while Kamlesh is his brother.

Akshay had purchased a gold ring for Rs 6,400 on July 24. The jeweler had told him that ring has 23 carat gold and he was given a receipt but the jeweler didnt mention that it has 23 carat gold. Akshay suspected gold content, got the ring checked from another jeweler in Raviwar Peth, where it was revealed that the ring was of 16.71 carat gold only.

Like Akshay, another person has also given complaint with Khadki police station against cheating by these two jewelers.

Police have booked Nilesh Shantilal Jain and Kamlesh Shantilal Jain of Modern Jewelers, for offence under section 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).