“Save Water” “Catch the Drop” Community Outreach Initiative by EuroSchool receives excellent response

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Pune: EuroSchool Undri, a venture of EuroKids International Ltd. hosted ‘‘Catch the Drop“ campaign on 23rd October from 2 to 7 pm at SGS Mall, Camp, Pune. TV celeb Mrs. Bhawana Khatri joined the campaign and put in an active effort to make the inititative a huge success. The event encompassed many activities like Mime Show, Puppet Show, etc. through which the message and importance of water conservation was shared.

There were on spot singing and dancing competitions in which the audience participated and made the whole event informative, fun and entertaining. The school dristributed prizes for each competition which increased the enthusiasm of the participants.

The School had held a poster making competition for the parents and received an overwhelming response from them. The beautifullly hand made posters with the social message to save water were carried by the children in the mall in order to create awareness. The campaign was successful and met its main aim of enlightening general public on the need and importance of water conservation in a water scarce city like Pune

Punekar News's photo.Celebrity Mrs. Bhawana Khatri said “I was awed by the kids and their involvement in the community welfare program. It was also applaudable to see the EuroSchool staff and children along with their families interacting with the audience by giving them significant techniques of water conservation. I have always supported such initiatives and further plan to do more with EuroSchool in future.”

Principal of EuroSchool, Undri Mrs Meera Sain says “Being sensitive to the needs of society is an imperative responsibility of all citizens and as educators we must bring up our children to be more humane and empathetic in nature. We at EuroSchool Undri believe in inculcating responsible behaviour in our students towards the society. Water is the most precious commodity and its scarcity impacts nature and humanity extensively. Hence one should be doubly cautious before wasting even a single drop of water.”
She further adds, “As a part of the curriculum to create social awareness “Save Water” campaign emphasised on saving of water in our day to day life. Children of age group 4-12 years were involved in the campaign as the “Junior Water Advocates”. Such events are often conducted by Euro School Undri for the wellbeing of the Society.”

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