33 crore saplings to be planted in Maharashtra to prevent environmental degradation for next generation

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Chandrapur, July 1, 2019 : Ten years ago, when there were serious discussions in connection with environment, there was no idea about its result, which is experienced severely in a short span of time. But it is a duty of this generation to prevent the environmental degradation for the next generation. Each citizen should participate in this statewide sapling-planting drive in order to do their duties, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis made this appeal from here today. Mr. Fadnavis has launched the statewide 33 crore sapling-planting drive from late Baba Amte’s Karmabhoomi-Anandwan by planting a sapling.

On arrival at Anandwan, he inaugurated the Atal Anand Ghan-Van Yojana of Forest Department by planting a sapling. On the lines of Japan to build a thick forest in urban areas, the Miyawaki method of tree-plantation has been commenced by the forest department. On this occasion, the Chief Minister also visited the memorial site of late Baba Amte in Anandwan. Mr. Fadnavis also paid tribute to him. He also visited the Anandvan exhibition. A bike rally was flagged off by him for publicity in connection with the sapling-planting across the state. Post this, he has inaugurated 33 crore sapling-planting program, which was organized by the Forest Department. On this occasion, the State Finance & Planning, Forest Minister and Guardian Minister of Chandrapur Sudhir Mungantiwar was present with him.

While addressing the trees lovers, the Chief Minister said that 33 crore sapling-planting is an ambitious concept. After reaching at this place, the reporters asked why this 33crores of tree sapling-planting drive is being started from Anandwan …. In a reply to them, Mr. Fadnavis said as the name contain both Anand and Van (forest and happiness). With the guidance of late Baba Amte, this Anandvan has done the work of giving happiness in the lives of the disadvantaged people who have broken heart. So what could be better than this place? It came to our mind. That is why, we decided to start a useful campaign for the society from Anandwan.

He said that four years ago, when the forest department had decided to sapling-planting 50 crore trees. So everyone thought that this would be a political announcement again. However, Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar took this initiative. We will get to see 50 crores of trees soon. Due to the increasing temperature in the present time, the balance of the environment has worsened. It should be understood. Its horrific reality is now coming out. Many species are being destroyed. Therefore, nature’s balance has worsened. Hence, the environmental degradation should be prevented. Saplings should be planted for next generation. With the help of this initiative, drought can be eradicated. It’s time to wake up. Pollution levels should be brought down to save the Earth. Therefore, carbon emissions should be reduced. Mr. Fadnavis appealed to plant the sapling for the next generation.

Ten years ago, the gravity of environmental degradation was not guessed. But now its visual effect is seen. The environment itself takes revenge from those components who spoil the balance of nature. Therefore, it is very important to protect the environment. Otherwise, the environment will take its revenge.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised that India will try to reduce the ratio of carbon by 20 percent in all the countries of the world. Modiji’s announcement is getting global response. So, now everyone’s participation in this campaign of sapling-planting is very important. For this, Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar should develop a new apps (application). Mr. Fadnavis also hoped that how much every citizen of the state is emitting carbon and what is s/he doing for the protection of environment in state. This information should be registered through the apps.

To build a dense forest in the city, the Miyawaki method of tree-plantation: Mungantiwar

On this occasion, Forest Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar said that despite the most important works in the state legislature, chief minister has attended the inauguration programme of 33 crore sapling-planting. Mr. Mungantiwar has thanked him for his presence. Anandwan is a laboratory. This is a great institution that teaches human religion. He said that for the protection of the Earth, lessons will now be taught to the whole Maharashtra from Anandwan.

In the guidance of Union Minister Sanjay Dhotre, the first postal cover in connection with the sapling-planting has been released today. He also thanked Union Minister for this. At this time, he said that the forest department is adopting a suitable Miyawaki method of tree-plantation for creating dense forests in the metropolis. He also announced that it is beginning from Anandwan.

Addressing the gatherings, he appealed to repay the loan of Earth. Vasundhara (earth) gives oxygen to you. What we give in return. This is the only option i.e. planting saplings. No government will waive off this loan of earth. Therefore, all of us will have to participate in the sapling-planting campaign. He made this appeal to them.

Initially, those, who have raised doubt on the campaign, have now participated in this. A message of the resolve to make Green India with Green Maharashtra should go from Anandwan’s land. This kind of appeal is also made on this occasion by him. Vikas Kharage, principal secretary to the forest department, has introduced the programme. Sheetal Amte-Karajagi, Trustee and Chief Executive Officer of Anandwan, gave information about Anandavan’s work. The personnel of forest department were honored by the Chief Minister for their excellent works in this program.