35-Year-Old Woman From Kerala Refuses To Cut Her Moustache

35-Year-Old Woman From Kerala Refuses To Cut Her Moustache
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Kannur (Kerala), 25th July 2022: It is often seen that women remove hairs on the face with creams, wax strips, razors and epilators etc. But there is also a woman in India who likes to keep a mustache. Many times people also made fun of him but she did not cut his moustache.

Shayza, a 35-year-old woman from Kannur, Kerala has grown a moustache. Shayza said, “I like to have a moustache, so I will not get them cut.”

Like many women, Shayza had more hair on her face. She used to get threading done regularly but she never felt the need to remove her upper lip hair.

Shayza said, “During the corona epidemic, I did not even like wearing a mask because I had to wear a mask all the time. Wearing a mask used to cover my moustache. Many people asked me to cut my moustache but I will not get it cut. I’ve never even felt like I’m not beautiful.”

Shayza’s family and her daughter support her a lot. Her daughter often tells her that the mustache looks good on her. Many times Shayza has also heard taunts from people, but she doesn’t mind people making fun of her.

Some women have more hair in certain parts of the body. This hair is found on the top of the lips, on the chin, chest, and lower part of the abdomen and also becomes thick with time.

In medical language, this condition is called Hirsutism. Due to the increase of male hormone or decrease of female hormone in the body, hormone imbalance occurs and unwanted hair comes in many places.