5 Features To Consider While Buying A Gaming Router

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National, July 2021: Any newbie or pro gamer would love to invest in a good gaming router to get the best gaming experience. While picking a gaming router, you might end up questioning how much it should cost? How much coverage should it provide and how fast should it really work? Additional questions may include if the router has any gaming-specific features? What is the generation of the wireless card? If you are trying hard to find which features you need to consider while buying a gaming router, you are at the right place. Listed below are the five parameters that you need to consider while buying a gaming router.

1. Price

Gaming routers are mostly expensive and therefore, perhaps the very first factor that you should put into consideration is your budget. Setting a reasonable budget will help you to narrow down the best gaming routers in that budget. There are many gaming routers out there that provide extremely good gaming function and are user-friendly and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Once you have decided on the budget, you can then start listing out the features that you want in your router. The router which can tick most of the features on your list while staying within your budget will perhaps be the best gaming router for you.

2. Gaming Style

While buying a gaming router, you should also consider the gaming style that you prefer along with the extent of gaming that is involved in your favourite game. If you are into real time gaming, then you should look for a router that has a low latency rate. Further, it should be checked whether the router supports QoS data prioritization for optimizing the gaming performance. Most of the routers like TP-Link allow QoS data prioritization from the setting of the router.

3. Network Topology

Your network topology is created by the modem, television, computer, gaming system and smart home gadgets. The network topology of your environment will decide the type of router that you should choose. If you have plenty of smart devices, you might need powerful routers for fulfilling the needs of all the devices. There are many routers that can support up to 100 devices. You might not need those powerful routers but still, you would love to have a look at the number of devices that the router can handle. If you have a smart home, you might consider investing in mesh routers which are especially designed to connect with plenty of other devices.

4. Security

Security is one of the most important parameters that you need to consider while buying a router. With each passing year, it has become important to consider the security features to stay safe from hackers. Wi-Fi 6 routers are one of the best options available for good security. While looking for the security features in a router, it is important to go beyond simple password security and consider additional features like VPNs, malware blocking and DoS attack protection.

5. Ease of Use

Many users while buying a router do not consider the ease of use of the router. This is okay if the normal setup of the router can fulfil all the basic necessaries of the user. However, a gamer needs to set QoS settings, gaming VPN and many additional features which a normal person does not need. Therefore, it becomes particularly very important to invest in a router like D-Link which is pretty easy to set up and make necessary changes later depending upon the requirement of the games. For managing the settings of the router, you do not need to be a pro technician.

When choosing a gaming router, your needs should be put at the forefront. While shortlisting good routers, you might end up stumbling across many marketing fluffs that need to be ignored, so that you can focus on the features that you actually need to play a game of your choice without hassle. Having said that, no matter how good a router is, it won’t be able to give its best if it is not connected to the nearest Ethernet jack. If you want to have a wireless, Wi-Fi connection, simply ensure that you are as close to the router as possible to extract maximum speed out of it.