5 Months Old Tata Harrier Tire Bursts On Pune-Bangalore Highway, Owner Seeks Answers

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Pune, 5th June 2023: In a distressing incident on the Pune-Bangalore Highway, a five-month-old Tata Harrier experienced a rear tire burst, prompting concerns over the safety of the vehicle. Vaibhav Desai, accompanied by his family, was traveling at a speed of 80 km/hr when the tire suddenly gave way near Satara on NH4 highway.

Upon regaining control of the vehicle, Desai immediately pulled over and discovered the tire had completely disintegrated into two pieces. Faced with the potential danger and possibility of an accident, he contacted the Tata showroom to report the incident and seek assistance, expressing his dissatisfaction with the tire’s condition.

In light of the near miss, Desai voiced his concerns about the dire consequences if he had been unable to regain control of the car. He questioned the responsibility for such incidents, suggesting that the tire’s subpar quality and condition were contributing factors. In his attempt to resolve the issue, he filed a tire claim with the showroom, expecting a suitable resolution to his predicament.

To his disappointment, Desai’s claim was rejected, leaving him dissatisfied with the response received from Tata’s customer care department. Despite his efforts to address the matter promptly, he still awaits a replacement tire for his Tata Harrier.