5 Proven Soccer Betting Strategies to Double Your Winning Chances

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18 -3-2020- On the hunt for some of the top betting strategies to amp up your winnings?  You have come to the right place! We have put together 5 strategies that you can start using today to double your winnings and keep your bankroll rolling. Apart from following sports analysts and checking out stats, it’s good to have a go-to strategy to make up for the unforeseen circumstances that are inevitable and bound to happen in live sports.

1. Accumulate Often

An accumulator bet is an option to place your wagers on multiple events at the same time. Doing this not only allows you to take advantage of the market by spreading out and testing the waters but also comes with some pretty good perks. Most bookmakers will give you an incentive to take the risk and will refund your bet if you lose a match. An accumulator is usually five or more bets, and with this strategy, the more you rack up, the better. Picking multiple bets with an online bookie that offers good odds will guarantee you at least 20% of your initial investment back, a pretty good deal that comes with lots of excitement. 

2. Boosted up Odds

Another popular offer you should keep a lookout for is the boosted odds. Day after day, bookies choose specific matches with the thought of raising their odds to make them more attractive. These will come with increased chances to win and possibly more than double your initial wager. Another plus is that the boosted odds usually come attached to big matches and leagues like the English Premier League. 

3. Meet your Match

There are tons of matched bet offers out there. Take a look around and find the matches that come with the matched odds. One guaranteed way to win is to make a wager on both ends of the outcome. Bet that a team will win and place the same quantity that the team will lose. You’ll get a win either way, plus you could more than double your funds. 

4. Run to Refunds

Some sites offer you the option to get your money back if the match you’re following results in a draw. It means that no team wins, and unfortunately, neither do you. For this strategy to be highly profitable, look for sites where the odds of the match and the odds of lay bets are about the same. You should place an underlay bet when you find such a game, and you’re guaranteed a win no matter what the outcome is. 

5. Learn the Tricks of the Trade

This strategy will require you to keep a close watch on what’s happening during a match. For example, you can choose to bet on a team that is favored to win, watching them closely, plus watching the game unfold to see how the odds change as it progresses. You will have to stay tuned to the entire match and possibly wait until the last minute to either stay in or pull out.

Nothing is guaranteed in the world of live sports, but at least with a few strategies, you can beat the system and keep from losing due to something that you never saw coming. You’re sure to improve your betting and bet smarter with our five strategies.