5 Smart Moves To Help You Travel Abroad Safely This Winter

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03 Febuary 2023: Safety is always a priority, but when traveling to another country, it should be the top priority. Your safety includes protecting yourself from physical hurt, theft, or any kind of scam. You must always be alert for your safety while traveling locally or internationally.

Some of us panic when we think about travelling abroad on a solo trip. I was one of those kinds of people. But I love to take challenges and thrill myself. I keep myself alert and aware of my surroundings while I travel abroad.

However, there are smart moves that can help you travel abroad safely this winter. Let me share those with you: –

Drink Responsible

Most foreign travellers love to enjoy the nightlife in other countries. But I recommend you be responsible while you drink alcohol. Not only while travelling to other countries, but you should also always drink responsibly.

That means you can enjoy the nightlife in any foreign country you love, but make sure to be in your senses. It would help if you did not lose your senses after drinking. You should avoid drinking if this is the case.

As you can be an easy target for scammers or thieves when they spot you lose your sense. So, it would help if you were always alert about your surroundings while you are alone and away from home. Being a female, you should also be a little more alert about your drink so as to protect yourself physically.

So, it will always be a smarter decision to drink wisely and responsibly to safeguard you while you travel abroad.

Be careful about your Cash, Card, and Wallet.

Always take care of your cash and card while you travel abroad, as there can be places that only accept either. The smart move you can take is to put cards and cash in two different places. Rather I would suggest you avoid keeping it in your regular wallet.

Always try to keep your cash in small stockpiles, keeping them in 2-3 different places. If, in any case, one of them is stolen or missing, you will still have another left with you. I am not recommending you carry a hefty cash amount. Rather carry a credit card that can be used in the local ATMs in the country you are travelling to.

So, it is always a smart move to talk to your bank about the credit card or travel card you can carry and use while travelling abroad. However, you have to be careful about that card getting stolen or lost.

If in case you have withdrawn a large amount of cash from a local ATM due to your travel or credit card restrictions, then I would suggest you only keep a small amount of it in your pocket. Rest you should keep safe in your locker.

Always try to be aware, think, and act smart while you are travelling far away from your home.

Use the Right bags and travel locks

Nowadays, crossbody bags have made the place the safest travel accessory for you. I always carry them while travelling anywhere rather than carrying any handbag or shoulder bag.

These crossbody bags are the safest option for travellers. Keeping a wallet or handbag is outdated and unsafe. So, to ensure your safety from any theft anywhere, crossbody bags will be the best option as it allows minimal to zero chance for the snatcher to snatch it and run away.

You can also choose the one which has zipper locks. There are many options available in the market. So. always try to invest your money in such safe things.

Moreover, the travel lock must be your best travel buddy if you are a solo traveller. That should be the one safeguarding your belongings while you go to use restrooms in public places.

Using travel locks, you can keep your precious belongings safe and secure either in your hotel room or on the public chair in your absence. However, travel locks are also being used if you have opted for a hostel instead of a hotel room.

I suggest you keep your own lock while staying in the hostel room.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is the only answer for all your “what if” you travel abroad. You might have a fear of falling sick or getting hurt while you travel abroad. Getting treatment abroad can be over expensive, and you may lose your budget.

So travel insurance is always a smart move to take before boarding your flight. Always check what kind of medical expenses they will cover so that you won’t have to regret it at the time of claim, if any.

Travel insurance will cover your medical expenses during your travel, along with any emergencies. Some insurance claims even help you with the expenses for any kind of injury during your travel. Apart from it, some of them even help you to get back home if in case the treatment for your medical emergency is not available in your current country.

It may cost a huge premium for you to buy good medical insurance. But you should always keep in mind that it can be your only saviour in case of hefty emergency medical expenses.

Apart from that, travel insurance helps you with expenses incurred for accommodation if your flight is delayed. It also covers expenses for lost baggage, delayed or cancelled flights, emergency transportation, and any financial loss during your stay abroad.

Stay alert while you commute & choose a reputed transport company.

You must understand the risk involved in travelling locale while you’re new to a country. You seem to be an easy target for the robbers. So, it will always be a smart move to be aware of your surroundings. I understand that vivid travellers are usually quick and witty to sense such things.

But still, I suggest you choose a reputable transport company while you travel to local cities of other countries. The cab drivers may access your little information, but they can know more about you while you are enjoying your ride with them.

I recommend you not to share any personal information with them so that they can’t harm you anyways. Reputed transport companies have professional cab drivers who are more concerned about their careers. So, you can expect fewer such incidents from them.

Moreover, they have their background checks and track records. So, your local commute is always safe with taxis or cabs by reputed companies.

Apart from that, you can always update your family or friends regarding your check-in to different places while you travel abroad. I am not saying that you always cling to your phone to update your family or friends. You can use any available app that will send your location and update your family.

Moreover, you can share the cab and driver details with your family or friends using the application you have booked. God forbid, if anything happens, your family must be updated about it.

What are the five things that you always take with you on all trips?

Apart from the safety viewpoint, there are a few important things that you should always carry with you while you are travelling. Let me make a quick list of these things for your convenience.

● To top the list is an extra pair of undergarments along with socks that you may need in case of missing or mishap.
● Another essential thing on this list is a quick-drying personal towel. I understand that most of the hotels provide you with fresh towels and other toiletries. But I prefer to use my own towel. So, I always carry one with me while on the go.
● Moist Towelettes are third on this list. These are handy and easy to use while giving a quick clean to the armrest of public seats before sitting. Apart from that, these are convenient for flights as well. Clean the armrest, seat pockets, and tray tables in flights.
● Another essential thing you should always carry and be protective of is your toothbrush, passport, and flight tickets. You must take care of all three.
● Other miscellaneous things you can keep with you while travelling abroad are note cards, zip-lock bags, tissue papers, and duct tape. These may seem unnecessary right now, but I am telling you with experience that it can be life-saving in some situations if any occur.


Nowadays, everyone is tech-savvy. I recommend you be smarter with technology and utilize it the most. When you are aware of your surroundings and wiser with the use of technology. You end up being a smart user and protect yourself from getting harmed in any way.

I have listed 5 smart moves that can help you travel abroad safely this winter. And hope you will consider these and avoid any suspected mishappening to stay safe. Moreover, I have mentioned other necessary things also. So, you can now make a quick list of all these things, and don’t forget to carry them along with you while you travel abroad.