5 Ways To Improve Your Fuel Mileage and Reduce Emissions

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14 April 2020, India- We can’t deny the fact that we have been exploiting our resources for centuries. The result? Our planet is struggling to stabilize itself. Today, having a car is a necessity more than a luxury. So, the least we can do is start looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and develop better fuel habits that will benefit our pockets as well as the environment in the long run. 

Read on to Know the Best Ways to Improve Your Fuel Mileage and Reduce Emissions.

  • Keep a Check on the Load You Carry In Your Automobile

If you didn’t already know, every vehicle has a load capacity limit. The bigger and better built the car is, the more weight it can carry. Usually, hatchbacks have a lower load capacity while sedans and SUVs have a greater capacity. That’s also why they accommodate fewer people than SUVs. Aside from finding a compatible fuel supply system at https://boodmo.com/catalog/3364-fuel_supply_system/, you can shed off the load for a smoother drive. 

No matter how big a boot space your compact vehicle has, you must avoid overburdening it with luggage. This is especially important for long road trips where you tend to overpack. Fuel efficiency is directly related to the amount of weight the vehicle carries. The more you store, the more fuel your car will have to burn to function smoothly. So, keep your car light to improve your fuel mileage. 

  • Don’t Drive Over the Required Economically Efficient Speed Limit 

Regardless of how you drive, there are only two ways to ensure you optimise your fuel. Firstly, you ought to maintain a speed limit. Nearly every vehicle today has a fuel economy metre. The fuel metre is divided into three ranges; red, green and yellow. Every time you keep your vehicle’s speed in the green range, also known as ‘economy,’ you increase the fuel efficiency. Besides, going for fuel-efficient vehicles, which automatically record your driving habits, also helps you reduce emission. 

Secondly, you can improve your fuel mileage by driving in the highest gear possible for your speed limit. Driving on the highest gear allows you to reduce the drag. For instance, if you drive on the 4th gear when you are hitting 50 km/h, use the 5th gear to save more than 20% of your fuel. 

  • Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Air filters are one of the most important parts of the automobile. And while several car owners ignore this part of the vehicle, you shouldn’t forget that it greatly affects the fuel efficiency. If your air filters are clogged, the car can have a hard time pulling through the debris. 

Your engine needs air to run. When the air filters are not functioning correctly, the engine experiences difficulty drawing air in, which ultimately affects your car’s performance. The engine has to put in extra efforts, for which it requires more fuel. And that’s how you end up compromising your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Changing air filters regularly can actually improve your fuel mileage by up to 15% and reduce your carbon emission by a sizeable degree.  


  • Fill Your Tank When It’s Cold Outside

Not everyone follows this or even knows that the outside temperature can impact your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. If you fill your tank when it’s hot outside, your fuel ends up evaporating. So, instead of getting to use 100% of the fuel, you get to use only 90% or 95% of it, which creates a significant difference. When you calculate the difference in terms of kilometres, it helps you understand the loss you incur otherwise. 

On the other hand, you have a chance at better fuel mileage if you fill the fuel when it’s cold outside. Ideally, you should consider doing that before 8 a.m. and after 10 p.m. – when it’s the coolest – even during summer. Another reason for this is that petrol is said to be relatively denser in the morning because of the cold ground. So, you can use it to your advantage and save a substantial amount of money on fuel. 

Additionally, you should also consider changing your parking spots. If you haven’t been mindful of where you park until now, know that it can also help to improve the fuel mileage of your vehicle. Ditch the sun and park under shade. You will not only prevent your car from losing the fuel but also increase the life expectancy of the paint. So, you solve two problems with one simple solution.  

  • Use Motor Oil Recommended By Your Car Manufacturer

It’s tempting to buy motor oil based on the claims the ads show. And why not? Brands lure the customers into believing that their motor oil is the best in the market. But it is only when you buy it that you understand it’s not true for all vehicles. Yes, motor oil can improve your fuel mileage, but it is specific to the vehicle’s make and model. 

When it comes to motor oil, you can’t follow the ‘one size fits all’ principle. Each car is unique and has distinctive needs. Since it’s not only exhausting but also expensive to go down the ‘trial and error’ road, using the oil that’s recommended by your car’s manufacturer is the safest approach. Because you are certain it will be compatible, you know you are making the right investment. 

Bonus Tip: Keep Your Fuel Tank Tightly Capped

Many car owners don’t even check if the pump attendants have replaced your fuel tank’s lid properly. They simply pay the attendant and drive away. Avoid doing that and take a minute to check if the cap is tightened correctly. It can prevent the fuel from evaporating and save you hundreds of rupees every month. 

Lastly, you can also improve your fuel mileage by driving clean and regularly servicing your vehicle. You can look up for market-compliant fuel supply systems and auto parts at Boodmo, and avail them at the most cost-effective rates.