58 Airports, Including Nashik and Pune, Embrace Krishi UDAN Scheme 2.0 to Boost Farmer Access to Global Markets

Pune airport
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Pune, 11th December 2023: In a significant move to bolster agricultural trade, the Central Government has expanded the Krishi UDAN Scheme 2.0 to include a total of 58 airports across the nation, with Nashik and Pune airports being notable additions. The initiative aims to provide farmers in Maharashtra with enhanced access to national and international markets, fostering economic growth and global recognition for their produce.


The Krishi UDAN Scheme was inaugurated in August 2020 to assist farmers in reaching distant markets and amplifying their production capacities. The latest iteration, Krishi UDAN Scheme 2.0, announced on October 27, 2021, specifically targets hilly regions, northeastern states, and tribal areas. A total of 25 airports have been selected to facilitate the transportation of various agricultural goods, while 33 airports in other regions are included in the scheme.


To ensure the effective implementation of the scheme, eight central ministries, including Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, Civil Aviation, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Fisheries Development, Food Processing Industries, Commerce and Industry, Tribal Affairs, and Development of North Eastern Region, are working in tandem as coordinating entities.


To encourage air freight for agricultural produce, the Aviation Authority of India (AAI) and the Ministry of Defence have implemented concessions on airport charges and parking fees. This move is expected to expedite the transportation of agricultural goods within the country and abroad, enabling farmers to realize higher profits from their sales.


The department emphasizes that these measures will not only reduce transportation costs for farmers but also contribute to an increase in overall production, marking a positive step toward realizing the goals of the Krishi Udan Scheme 2.0.