8 Hour Shift introduced in the Hospitality Industry

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Pune  Monday, 5 August 2019:  What has been unheard of is happening in India.  The backbone of India’s business and the sector which has provided livelihood to millions of people across the Globe is finally getting its due.  Yes, you are right, the Hospitality Industry will finally see justice and rightful working hours to all its employees across India.  The 8 hours shift in the Hospitality Industry has been initiated by Shri Ramdas Athawale – Hon. Union Minister for State, Social Justice & Empowerment – Govt. of India.


This was officially inaugurated today at the Hands of Shri Ramdas Athawale – Hon. Union Minister for State, Social Justice & Empowerment – Govt. of India alongwith Shri Quaiser Khalid ( Inspector General of Police – Maharashtra), Shri A. V. Girija Kumar (CMD – Oriental Insurance Company Limited), Shri Eric Dastur (Chair Person – KM Dastur) and Shri Sanee Awsarmmel (International Hospitality Ambassador & Chair Person – Hospitality Industry of India).


A total of 3 plaques each representing, 8 hours shift, KAVACH and the Launch of the NUHII were unveiled by the dignitaries.


Whenever we speak to any person who has been employed in the Hospitality Industry when asked states that there is a time to go to work but no time to come back. We have seen people working for 18 hours and sometimes 24 hours at a go in this Industry which is inhuman and total exploitation.


The Hospitality Industry of India Chairman, Sanee Awsarmmel said,“If you go through the Factories Act – 1948, it clearly states that you cannot make an employee work over 8 hours, but nobody follows that and at most places it is not even recognized and employees are made to work overtime without being paid.”It is high time all of this is stopped and the employees who serve the nation get justice.”He added.


Another cap in the feather for the Hospitality Industry of India is “KAVACH”.  This was unheard of.  We have tied hands with the Oriental Insurance company and have launched a specially designed Insurance policy for all the employees working in the Hospitality Industry across the Country.The Hospitality sector has always been ignored and we have seen employees dying unattended due to lack of money to avail medical facilities.


This policy is so special that it covers many things which are unheard of viz.

  • Key Benefits
  • Low Cost
  • Cashless
  • Available across India
  • Pre-existing diseases covered
  • Maternity covered
  •  1 month prior and 3 months post medicines covered
  • Unani medicine, homeopathy, naturapathy covered
  • Dependent child who is spastic who does not fall in any category is also covered
  • Widowed sister is covered
  • Critical Illness Covered
  • Robotics Surgeries & Laser Knives Covered

Along with many other benefits.

The above policy was launched at the Hands of Shri A. V. Girija Kumar (CMD – Oriental Insurance Company Limited) today in the presence of all.


The Third big announcement today was the Launch of the National Union of the Hospitality Industry of India (NUHII ) which will be headquarted out of PUNE, India and will be presided over by Shri Sanee Awsarmmel.  Under this Union all various smaller unions across India have merged under this umbrella and we have a total of approx. few crore people who will be helped via this association. This Union will be run in association with the Republican Party of India.  This means that any employee was has an issues or many employees who work in India or abroad caught up in messy situations can be rescued by union.