8370 Farmers Affected In Pune District Due To Heavy Rain

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Pune, 17th August 2022: The district has experienced heavy rainfall throughout July and the first ten days of August. Due to rain, 8370 farmers of the district have been affected and their crops on 2068.86 hectares have been damaged. 11.35 hectares of the agricultural area have been washed away by rainwater.

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A report in this regard has been sent by the district administration to the state government. A fund of Rs two crore 45 lakh 297 has been demanded as compensation.

The district was lashed by heavy rains for the entire month of June after the monsoon became active. However, heavy rains started at the beginning of July. The rains, which took a break at the end of July, returned from the beginning of August. In this rain, small and big houses in the district have collapsed and three persons have lost their lives due to the rain, while two persons have been seriously injured.


The district administration has made a report of damage according to the taluka level and a fund of Rs 2 crore 45 lakh 297 has been requested from the state government.

“Due to heavy rains in the district in June and July, a large number of crops have been damaged. Livestock is affected and three persons have died due to house collapse. An assessment of the damage has been done and the relevant report has been sent to the state government. A fund of Rs 4 lakh has been distributed to the relatives of the deceased, while the aid will be provided to the affected as soon as the funds are received from the state government in respect of crop damage,” said Himmat Kharade, Resident Deputy Collector.


The district recorded 47.2 per cent rainfall in the month of June and 108 per cent in the month of July. In this, Khed taluka has received the highest rainfall of 202 per cent. Haveli taluka near the city has recorded the lowest rainfall of 97 per cent.


Due to heavy rains, landslides have occurred on an area of ​​11.35 hectares, soil has been washed away. In 10 out of 14 talukas in 281 villages crops and orchards on an area of ​​2068.86 hectares have been affected by rain. In this, 2017.41 hectares of arable land, and 15.30 hectares of orchards have been damaged.


8370 farmers have been affected due to heavy rains. Cows, buffaloes, bulls, horses, camels, goats, sheep, calves etc. 265 other livestock have died, while 476 mud houses have collapsed and were partially damaged.