A lecture on ‘Cyber Security’

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Pune, January 4: Many have started going cashless thereby relying moreover on internet or phone banking, subsequent to demonetization in the country. However there still is a large group of citizens who fear to use it thinking it might lead to some online theft.

To educate such citizens in this subject a lecture on ‘Cyber Security’ has been organized on Saturday, January 7th at Seed Infotech Ltd., Nalanada, Yugay Mangal Complex, Opposite Gandhi Lawns, Mehendale Garage Road in the city 10.00am onwards. Dr. Harold D’costa, Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Quotient Security Systems would enlighten the attendees on this subject.

Dr. D’costa who is also a senior consultant and trainer for Law Enforcement Agencies on Cyber Crime will highlight certain aspects on Cyber Security and how one can secure oneself from the probable threats.

Organized by Seed Infotech Ltd. under the initiative if ‘Seed Jnana Yajna’ this lecture will be free and open for all on first come first basis. For registration, please contact 9011017053.