A Punekar on a ‘World Peace Pilgrimage’ to Sri Lanka

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Pune, September 20th: Yogesh Mathuria, a life coach is on a ‘World Peace Pilgrimage to Sri Lanka’. This Punekar is to start his journey on the ‘International Day of Peace’ that is September 21st from his house located in Baner. Yogesh who treats his pilgrimages as Tapasya or Sadhana has already walked to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Shirdi and Wagah border in last 4 years.

Yogesh was an IT professional and travelled worldwide for his profession about 30 years back. With his hectic schedules, frequent travelling and faulty eating habits made his lifestyle very irregular making him suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension and many other lifestyle diseases.

A sudden death of his wife due to Cancer changed his life completely. Realizing the vanity of life, he decided to dedicate his life to help others and bring about the change that he wanted to see in himself. Believing that inner transformation and world peace go hand in hand, Yogesh started these unique peace pilgrimages. Spreading the message of world peace, he walked from places to places without spending any money on the way.

Speaking on the occasion Yogesh said, “Walking for the Peace Pilgrimages without any of my personal money is like fully trusting universe – Divine blessings, that brings me closer to my life purpose. Based on this deep trust on Universal Energy, I have decided to dedicate rest of my life to work on World Peace.”

Yogesh further adds, “Now that I have understood Outer Peace only comes through Inner Peace, I want to put my best foot forward and travel throughout the world to uplift Humanity as One. However, I am still not able to visit Pakistan. Having said that, I also know that all the religions in our world are man-made and so are the boundaries across countries…. So, I still hope that my dream will come true someday.”

He believes that he is blessed to be chosen to spread the message of Oneness, Peace and Brotherhood throughout the world. He carries a vision of walking across 100 countries and over 80,000 km for World Peace by December 31st 2025.

His proposed route to Sri Lanka is a walk of around 4,840 km through 6 Indian states and about 760 km in Sri Lanka. He would be covering 5,600 km in total within a span of 6 months. He will be followed by ‘Walk it Out & Talk it Out’ a group of walkers throughout Pune while Kailash Narwade, his disciple will also walk with him for a month on his journey.

Yogesh will be supported by ‘Mitti Ke Rang’ a youth organisation based in Pune throughout his journey. The volunteers of this organisation will be arranging for his accommodation and food at various locations while also helping him to get connected with the locals.