Adipurush Team Listens To Fans: Modifications Coming For Hanuman’s Dialogues

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Mumbai 18th June 2023: The team behind Adipurush has decided to make “revisions” to the film’s dialogues following criticism of Hanuman’s colloquial lines, which offended the audience. Although specific dialogues have not been disclosed, the filmmakers have expressed their intention to review those that have received negative feedback. They aim to ensure that the dialogues align with the film’s core essence, and these changes will be reflected in theaters in the coming days.
Dialogue writer Manoj Muntashir spoke to ANI about the alterations, stating, “Our objective was to introduce the true heroes of Sanatan to the younger generation. There have been objections to five dialogues, and they will be modified. If certain parts are not resonating well with the audience, it is our responsibility to rectify them.”

In a recent interview with Republic World, Muntashir addressed the dialogue spoken by Hanuman during the “Lanka dahan” sequence, which received scrutiny. The line in question, “Tel tere baap ka. Aag bhi tere baap ki. Toh jalegi bhi tere baap ki,” was explained by Muntashir, saying, “Our understanding of the Ramayana comes from various sources, including the tradition of katha vaachan. We have heard and read the Ramayana since our childhood. There are Akhand Ramayan, paath, and other forms In our quaint village, the elderly women would regale us with tales from the Ramayana in this local dialect. Moreover, the dialogue you mentioned has been used by great saints and storytellers in our country in the same manner as I have written it for Adipurush. I am not the first one to use this dialogue; it already exists.