After Success In Aundh, Baner And Balewadi, Pune Municipal Corporation To Track Sanitation Workers With GPS In All Areas

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Baner, 18th August 2023: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has taken a significant step towards optimizing the efficiency of sanitation workers by utilizing GPS technology to monitor their activities. 

Encouraged by the promising outcomes of this initiative, the municipal corporation has decided to introduce GPS wristbands for sanitation workers, aiming to commence tracking from the following month.

With the city producing a staggering 2200 tons of waste daily and a workforce of around 15 thousand individuals engaged in waste management, the present operational control is organized on a field office basis. However, instances of misconduct and administrative hurdles have hampered the city’s cleanliness efforts. To harness the full potential of these sanitation workers and overcome these challenges, the Municipal Corporation has embraced the ‘Integrated Solid Waste Management System’ and begun its implementation.

The pilot phase was successfully launched within the Aundh-Baner-Balewadi Ward Office’s jurisdiction. Here, nearly 1 thousand workers were monitored using GPS wristbands. Over the last seven months, the presence of sanitation workers within the area has notably increased, leading to a rise in waste collection by approximately 125 tons.

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The system primarily focuses on monitoring cleanliness, garbage collection, and transportation within the domain of the respective field offices. With immediate access to information about assigned areas and completed tasks, workers can be more efficiently directed. Additionally, this approach ensures comprehensive waste collection and proper disposal. Consequently, the area’s overall cleanliness has improved significantly.

In May, a presentation was delivered to Commissioner and Administrator Vikram Kumar, outlining the success of this system. Building on the triumph within the Aundh Ward Office, the administration mandated its extension to all 15 ward offices across the city. The preparations for this comprehensive implementation have been concluded.

Upon deployment, the system will encompass 14 thousand employees, 673 waste transport vehicles, drivers, and project-based personnel, entailing a budget of Rs 16 crores from the municipal corporation.

The Operational Mechanics:

  • Garbage transport vehicles will be outfitted with radio frequency identification tags and GPS systems.
  • Data will be collected on the amount of waste transported to processing centers, detailing the originating vehicle and processed volume.
  • GPS wristbands will be assigned to employees.
  • The bands will record work hours, distances traveled, and will be supervised from a central control room.

Pune Municipal Commissioner, Vikram Kumar, remarked, “The Integrated Solid Waste Management System has demonstrated successful utilization in the Aundh, Baner and Balewadi areas. This model will be replicated across all 15 ward offices during the first week of September, streamlining operations and revolutionizing waste management practices citywide.”

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