Agrarian crisis in Maharashtra has solutions. YOU CAN HELP.

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Punekar News's photo.A Pune-based social entrepreneur has created database of villages in 21 districts of Maharashtra, which are affected by drought.Punekar News's photo.

Pradeep Lokhande of Rural Solutions has been working among villagers for the past 20 years. His game changer initiative is villagewiKY, an open information platform of key and feeder villages in India. This enables a deep understanding of village dynamics by Ecography, Sociaography, Geography, Demography, Professionals & Institutes.

Now through his vast network, he has profiled villages hit by the severe drought. You can view on ground ?report? and then DIRECTLY ?support? drought HIT villages of Maharashtra.(

The immediate requirement is
fodder for animals, storage tanks for drinking water & supply of pulses & edible oil.

Long term plans include desilting of drinking water wells / ponds, widening & deepening of water ponds, Installation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment plant for drinking water & pipeline from water source to village.

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