Ahmednagar Police and Military Intelligence Uncover Ammunition Cache

ammunition recovered in Ahmednagar
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Ahmednagar, 22nd July 2023: A joint operation involving the Local Crime Branch of Ahmednagar District Police and the Army’s Southern Command Military Intelligence (MI) unit, Pune, resulted in the arrest of an individual found to be unknowingly in possession of sensitive ammunition and explosive material at Khare Karjune, Ahmednagar.

The Superintendent of Police, Ahmednagar, Rakesh Ola, received information regarding the illegal possession of ammunition and explosives at the residence of Dinkar Bhosle. Given the sensitivity of the Ahmednagar district with respect to the army, the authorities could not rule out the possibility of a potential attack.

In response to this serious threat, a team comprising officers from the Local Crime Branch, Military Intelligence, Anti-Terrorism Branch Ahmednagar, BDDS Ahmednagar, and MIDC police station, acted swiftly to apprehend the suspect, Dinkar Tribak Shelke, aged 65.

Upon inquiry, Shelke provided information about hidden ammunition and explosives in front of his house. The team discovered and seized 18 tank rounds, 5 mortar rounds, 8 pistol rounds, 16 rounds for a pistol, 40 switches, red and pink wire bundles, and 25 kg of TNT powder.

The accused has been arrested under the Explosive Substances Act and the Indian Arms Act, as per the case registered at MIDC Police Station. Further investigations are underway.