Airattix India’s unique marketplace for space storage and parking solution

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December 2019: The population of India has increased over the past few years due to which people prefer smaller affordable homes. Although the issue of storage remains unresolved. Airattix is one such company that helps the problem of storage through their unique digital marketplace, where people can list and rent out privately owned vacant storage spaces and parking slots for goods storage and car parking respectively.

AirAttix provides a solution for those who do not have enough accommodation to store. The high cost of living in metro cities has forced people to live in compact houses. Therefore, resulting in the need for extra storage spaces. Likewise, in overpopulated metro cities, it is hard to find a decent secured parking spot for those with more than one car.

Aditya Kale, Founder and CEO, Airattix Storage Pvt. Ltd., said “Airattix was established to bring hosts with available storage spaces in contact with genuine people who require the space. It can be a person having more than one car but not enough space to park or a person having an office or home that needs renovation but doesn’t have space to store stuff while renovations are underway. It is a simple yet sustainable solution for people to keep their assets secure and make the most of available spaces. It is beneficial for both parties, the host and the person that rents in the space.”

The company is growing PAN-India and aims to expand to Europe soon.