AISMA CR Biennial Convention: Uniting Station Masters for Progress

All India Station Masters Association
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Pune, 3rd September 2023: The biennial convention of the All India Station Masters Association CR (Central Railway) took place on September 1, 2023, at the Milan Complex in Khadki, Pune. The event brought together station masters from all five divisions: BSL, PA, BB, NGP, and SUR.

The convention concluded with great enthusiasm and in the distinguished presence of our Advisor, ex-SG (Station Master), and ex-CP (Chief Personnel Officer), P.K. Das, and former CP (Chief Personnel Officer) and SG, Dhananjay, along with SG Arora, CVP (Chief Vigilance Officer) Vijay Patil, Sudhir Garud, and senior AISMA (All India Station Masters Association) leaders including Deshpande Sahab, Gururaj Sona Sahab. Vishwajit Kirtikar Sahab, who was recently selected for the position of AOM (Assistant Operations Manager) in the Mumbai Division, was also in attendance.

The biennial session included extensive discussions on crucial health matters and concluded with the formation of a new executive committee for the term 2023-2025.

In recognition of Vishwajit Kirtikar’s dedicated service and contributions to the organization, he was honored with a special memento by AISMA CR ZEC (Central Railway Zonal Executive Committee), BB DIV (Bhusaval Division).

In the evening, approximately 150 station masters gathered to pay tribute to Kirtikar Sahab during his retirement program.

The newly formed executive committee for 2023-2025 is as follows:

  1. Ajay Sinha PA, GS – 7720013915
  2. K.C. Vyas NGP, Zonal President – 9822232332
  3. Ravindra Durgkar NGP, Zonal Working President – 9637851488
  4. Vijay Kashikar BB, ZFS (Zonal Financial Secretary) – 9665738226
  5. Ranwat Prasad BSL, Internal Auditor – 9423079220
  6. Naresh Wankhede BSL, D.Y.G.S. (Deputy General Secretary) – 8422623209
  7. Sanjeev Ardhapure SUR, ZVP (Zonal Vice President) – 9421026091
  8. Shakeel Inamdar PA, ZVP – 9921537807
  9. D. K. Singh BB, Joint GS – 9923197117
  10. Gauri Shankar Sangapure SUR, Dy GS – 9423066252
  11. Sanjay Pandey BB, Liaison Secretary HQ (Headquarters) – 9869196931
  12. S. K. Mishra PA, ZOS (Zonal Organizing Secretary) – 9422343446

This dedicated team is committed to serving the station masters and working toward their welfare and advancement within the railway community.