Ajit Pawar Initiates Plan to Secure Future Water Supply in Pune: Mulshi Dam Height Increase Considered

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Pune, 22nd February 2024: Ensuring access to drinking water for the expanding population in the western sector of the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA), encompassing villages within the Mulshi area beneath the Mulshi Dam, has become important. Responding to this necessity, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister and Pune District Guardian Minister Ajit Pawar has directed the assessment of increasing the height of the Mulshi Dam, with a forward-looking perspective for the next 30 years.

This directive was issued during a Cabinet meeting chaired by Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Pawar. Tata Power Company representatives express optimism regarding the feasibility of obtaining extra water from the Mulshi Dam. A potential resolution to the persistent water issue in the Mulshi and Pune region lies in the permanent elevation of the Mulshi Dam by one meter. Moreover, utilizing water from the dam’s dead stock can further address the heightened demand for water in the area.

Collaborating closely with Tata Power Company, it is imperative to accord priority to the execution of water supply initiatives. Urgent implementation of water supply schemes is crucial to ensure water access to villages in the Kolwan Valley, including Hinjawadi, within the next three years. To facilitate this, a one-meter increase in the height of the Mulshi Dam is recommended. Notably, 80% of the land subject to submersion following the elevation falls within Tata Power Company’s jurisdiction, and a request for its cost-free provision should be extended. The remaining 20% of the land requires acquisition by the government. Deputy Chief Minister Pawar emphasized the importance of fairly compensating landholders in this endeavour.