Alarming Rise in Violence Against Women in Maharashtra: Pune Ranks Fourth

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Pune, 6th December 2023: The recently released ‘National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)’ report has highlighted a concerning surge in violence against women in the state, ranking Maharashtra third in such crimes. With 45,331 cases registered last year, Mumbai recorded the highest number, while Pune ranked fourth in the state, reporting 2,074 crimes against women.

The report indicates a nationwide increase in serious crimes against women, including kidnapping, torture, molestation, rape, incitement to suicide, and attacks. In 2022, a total of 4,45,077 cases of violence against women were registered. Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan reported the highest numbers, with Maharashtra following closely.

In Maharashtra, urban areas, particularly large cities, witnessed the majority of these crimes. Mumbai reported the highest number with 6,176 cases, followed by Thane with 2,341, Nagar with 2,202, and Pune with 2,074 cases. Pune district recorded 1,844 crimes against women.

Uttar Pradesh and Bihar reported the highest number of cases of abduction of women and girls, with 39,372 cases registered in Uttar Pradesh alone. Maharashtra reported 18,724 cases, including 1,139 in Pune city. The trend of increasing cases of abduction of minor girls in urban areas, such as Mumbai and Pune, is noted.

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Maharashtra topped the list for cases of harassment of women and incitement to suicide, with 927 cases in 2022. Mumbai reported the highest number of molestation cases among major metropolitan cities, with 1,859 cases, while Pune reported 474 cases.

In a comparative analysis, Nagpur emerged as a relatively safer city for women compared to Mumbai and Pune. In 2022, Nagpur reported 115 cases of rape, significantly fewer than Pune’s 305 cases during the same period.