Administrative Hassles Prompt Pune Factory to Consider Relocation to Gujarat

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Pune, 6th December 2023: Sankalp Engineering & Services Pvt. Ltd., a factory situated in Karandi village near Pune, is considering a relocation to Rajkot, Gujarat, due to ongoing administrative challenges.

The factory, operational since 2008 and employing over one and a half to two thousand workers, has faced issues related to its location near a Department of Revenue site.

The factory commenced operations in 2008 on a private site and utilized a 100-meter road with the permission of the Department of Revenue. Subsequently, the adjacent site of the revenue department was transferred to the Maharashtra Forest Department. The factory now alleges facing pressure from the Forest Department, with attempts to close down the operation.

Frustrated by the persistent challenges and administrative issues, the owner of Sankalp Engineering & Services Pvt. Ltd. has decided to relocate the factory from Karandi village in Shirur taluka to Rajkot, Gujarat. This decision reflects the owner’s dissatisfaction with the local administration and the desire to pursue the project in a more favourable environment.

The situation raises questions about the state’s approach to industrial development. While the government aims to attract new projects and provide concessions to entrepreneurs in Maharashtra, the reported challenges faced by existing projects and their decisions to relocate indicate a contradictory scenario. The move of established factories out of the state may impact local employment and economic dynamics.