All Families In This Village Of Pune District Pledges To Donate Organ

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Vivek Patil
Pune, 18th August 2021: A small village in Purandar taluka has implemented a unique initiative through the Gram Panchayat and with the help of the Yuva Sarthi Foundation. The whole village has enthusiastically participated in this initiative. The initiative is to donate organs.

Initiated by Dhalewadi village Sarpanch Sharad Kalane and Chairman Hanumant (Balasaheb) Kalane, a few days ago, with the help of Yuva Sarthi Foundation and the Gram Panchayat, the villagers were challenged that at least one person from each family should donate organs posthumously. And in response to this challenge, 90% of the Dhalewadi villagers have responded and reported participation and soon 100% of the villagers would donate organs.

Hanumant Kalane also declared that Dhalewadi would be the first village to do this.

“Organ donation is the greatest gift of all. Organs can be useful to others after your death, so that is why we are involved in this activity”, Muralidhar Kalane said.

Hanumant Kalane said that Dhalewadi is now creating a new ideal in front of the country. Other villages should also come forward to join the organ donation drive.

Purandar MLA Sanjay Jagtap said organ donation is a need of the hour. Dhalewadi Gram Panchayat and Yuva Sarathi Foundation have implemented this ideal project. This type of activity needs to be implemented by all.

Vitthal Shinde, a coordinator with Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC) Pune said that Yuva Sarthi Foundation is doing great work under the guidance of ZTCC Pune.

“The village people decided to become 1st 100 per cent organ donor village in India. 300 families have pledged their organs for donation with help of the Yuva Sarthi Foundation on Independence Day. We got 200+ pledge forms in one day”, Shinde said.

Anil Khopde of Yuva Sarthi Foundation, Anmol Darekar, Anuja Hanumant Shinde, Tanuja Ramdas Dhamal, Sarika Khopde, Deep Dhamal of Sarathi Yuva Foundation, Rohidas Gaikwad, Deputy Panch of Dhalewadi Gram Panchayat, Gram Panchayat members – Prabhakar Bhalerao, Vandana Kalane, Shashikala Sable, Laxmibai Kadam, Ankita Kalane are working hard to make the initiative a success. Bandana Kalane had proposed to implement this project.