Amazon Small Business Days 2021 Sees Record Sales for 84,000+ Small & Medium Businesses

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Bengaluru, 11 July, 2021: To enable sellers to bounce back from the economic disruptions caused by the 2nd wave of COVID-19, Amazon India hosted Amazon Small Business Days (SBD) from July 2 – 4, 2021. During the three-day event, more than 84,000 sellers received an order. 68% of these sellers who received an order were from non-metro cities like Kodagu (Karnataka), Dholpur (Rajasthan), Eta (Uttar Pradesh), Giridh (Jharkhand), Una (Himachal Pradesh) and Tinsukia (Assam). 7,500 sellers received their highest single-day sale – an increase of over 2.8X compared to the previous SBD organized in December 2020. The number of sellers who grossed over INR 1 crore grew by 6X over the previous SBD.  Thousands of local shops participated in the event and 1700 of them, from 125 cities in 23 states, received an order during the event.

Customers from over 20,300 pincodes across the country shopped for unique and differentiated products offered by sellers, manufacturers, start-ups and brands, women entrepreneurs, artisans & weavers, and local shops during SBD. The top-selling products include Food Processors, Organic Honey, Laptop Tables, Weighing Scales, Bluetooth Earphones, Yoga Mats, Face Masks, Jackfruit Flour, Onion-based hair-care products, among others. Some of the top-performing sellers were Quarant (3.1X vs BAU**), Odisha Handloom (1.5X vs BAU**), JH Gallery – Handicraft (1.8X vs BAU**) and Zouk (1.1X vs BAU**).

“As India tries to get back on track post the impact of the COVID-19 second wave, we are prioritizing our efforts to help small businesses, artisans, weavers, women entrepreneurs and small local offline shops to bounce back from the economic disruption. Towards this, we hosted Amazon Small Business Days and extended the event from a single day to three days to help generate more business for our sellers and help them bounce back.  We are humbled by the customer response to the event as 84,000+ sellers, including 1700 small local offline shops, received at least one order during the event,” said Pranav Bhasin, Director, MSME & Selling Partner Experience, Amazon India.


“We are an offline store and we have been selling online through Local Shops on Amazon program for last 1 year. We participated in Amazon Small Business Days this year – a huge thanks to customers for opening their hearts to a business like ours and helping us recover from what has been a tough couple of months. We saw a 6X spike vs our usual order volume. Getting orders from so many pin codes is extremely encouraging,” said Vivek Singh, Nano Edge Collection, New Delhi


Key highlights of Amazon Small Business Days include:

  1. On Amazon Small Business Days, customers from over 20,300 pincodes placed on order.
  2. 84,000+ (1.5X increase*) sellers received an order.
  3. 68% of these sellers receiving an order were from non-metro cities like Kodagu (Karnataka), Dholpur (Rajasthan), Eta (Uttar Pradesh), Giridh (Jharkhand), Una (Himachal Pradesh), Tinsukia (Assam)
  4. 6X increase* in the number of sellers who grossed over INR 1 crore
  5. 7,500 sellers (2.8X increase*) received their highest ever single day sale.
  6. Close to 15,500 sellers received at least a 2X spike in sales vs. BAU**

Local Shops on Amazon:

  • 1,700 small local offline shops from 125 cities in 23 states received customer orders
  • 28% of these sellers were from Tier 2 and below cities.
  • Most loved products from Local shops sellers include Organic Tulsi tea, Office Chairs, fresh flowers, and Inverter & Batteries.

Amazon Launchpad:

  • 750+ Launchpad sellers received orders from customers
  • Most loved products from Launchpad sellers include protective face masks from Asgard, topping sauces from Wingreen farms and dry fruit mix from Nutty Gritties.

Amazon Karigar:

  • Over 3,400 new products were added by Karigar sellers
  • 100+ Karigar sellers saw a growth of 2X and 40+ sellers saw a growth of 5X.
  • Top-selling art forms under Karigar include Handstitched Shoes (32X vs BAU**), Rajasthani Katputli (2.8X vs BAU**) Woodcraft (2.6X vs BAU**), Brass Craft (2X vs BAU**) and Bengal Handlooms (2X vs BAU**).

Amazon Saheli:

  • 21 new Saheli sellers launched 8,000 new products
  • Most loved products from Saheli sellers include gardening supplies (1.3X vs BAU**) and facial steamers (11X vs BAU**)
  • Top Saheli sellers during SBD’21 include Brain Freezer (1.6X vs. BAU**), and Zouk (2.1X vs. BAU**).

“I sell Handcrafted Wooden Products from UP. I participated in Amazon Small Business Days and was super excited with the sales. We witnessed a 15X spike during the three days event, registering orders from various states across India. Earlier shops or exhibition was the major income source. But in the new normal where these are down, Amazon Karigar has been helping us grow through online sales. We look forward to delighting more customers with our handmade products.” said Salman Mirza, Heeba Gallery, Saharanpur, UP.

“We deal mainly in grocery category and have seen a 1.6X growth during Small Business Days. Being mainly in grocery, we were very hesitant to expand to new areas at first, however, with inputs from the Saheli team, we have expanded to new categories like apparel accessories and have seen a very good response from customers during Small Business Days. Our products, especially, Cashew Nut 4 Pieces (Tukda Kaju) has grown 2.8X during this Small Business Day vs. average sales day,” said Sultana Shanas, Spicy Carte, Alappuzha, Kerala. recently announced annual Prime Day event that will be held in India on July 26 and 27, featuring two days of the best Prime has to offer. This Prime Day, Amazon will continue its efforts to support lakhs of Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) to bounce back from the economic disruption owing to Covid-19 Wave 2, and help generate customer demand for products offered by lakhs of sellers, manufacturers, start-ups and brands, women entrepreneurs, artisans & weavers, and local shops.

“Lakhs of customers supported SMBs during Small Business Days and as a token of gratitude for helping SMBs during these difficult times, Amazon has rolled out special Prime Day offers for Prime members. Members can shop from millions of unique products offered by SMBs and avail offers such as 10% cashback up to INR 150 on their Prime Day purchases,” adds Pranav.