An alternative road in Baner..need of the time

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By Gauri Gokhle

The rains are here; no doubt it should rain and then be it cats or dogs.

It’s not the rains which cause inconvenience; it is the road full of puddles through which we citizens enjoy splashing murky water on each other during the rush hours. Those rutted and incomplete work of the shabby roads which result in a traffic jam and what do one does is to just keep hooting at each other incessantly. We also play a blame game directing fingers at each other, instead of going to the roots of the problem and seeking for a perpetual solution. Oh yes! We simply adore having endless deliberations about these congestions.

Rules are made by the Government for the people. We folks further mould it as per our requirement. We even state proudly “Rules are made… so that one can break them”.

Wow! We humans are simply great.

Due to paucity of traffic management, even if one tries to leave home well in time, we end up reaching late at work. It has become our regular practice indeed.

The road construction as always is unplanned. It has a majestic inauguration and once its half way through, at random the work is at a standstill without any valid reason.

The end result to all this is frustration and anger which is not going to resolve this issue at all.

The incomplete road work, irrational overpowering traffic, citizens all over the Pune bumping into each other, delay in total schedule of a normal living being resulting in an aggregate chaos.

The Residents of Baner, Yogi Park are currently facing the same agony.

We need a solution on this. Don’t we??

The residents residing at Yogi Park, Baner cooperatively alongwith the people in their vicinity, took part actively in a formal ‘Rasta Roko – Obstruct the road’ drive.

The large number gathered showed their distress. Whole motto was to give a strong message for the plight we residents are undergoing.

This drive may or may not lead in results, but yes each resident who took initiative and came forward expressed their predicament.

Hope this anguish is detected by the concerned authorities and an appropriate deed in this regards is taken soon.

(Gauri Gokhale is a resident of Baner, Pune)