‘An artist must relate with the world around’- Gowri Ramnarayan

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Ramnarayan & Ashish Khokar enlightened audience at ‘Parikrama- 2017’

Pune, 29 October 2017: ‘‘An artist must relate his or her performance with dilemmas of life today & the problems we face. Without that, the performance will remain as a museum piece. To bring heart & sole to it, we must have the resonance towards what is happening around,’’ saidGowri Ramnarayan, A renowned writer, journalist & acclaimed dramatist.

She was speaking today at ‘Samvaad’- a symposium held in the two day dance festival ‘Parikrama- 2017’ organized by Kalavardhini Charitable Trust. Renowned Bharatnatyam dancer Sucheta Bhide- Chapekar, Arundhati Patwardhan, secretary, Kalavardhini Charitable Trust were present at the occasion.

In the symposium, Ashish Khokar, Author & Curator of Mohan Khokar Dance Archives, spoke about the contribution of great dancer & choreographer Uday Shankar in the Indian Art Legacy.

Ramnarayan stressed on the artist’s responsibility to initiate the two way process between Rasika & the artist, Also, An artist should Keep all the windows open to get inspirations from life.

‘‘You can not have any art without ‘Rasikas’- who are the audience with a heart similar to that of the artist. Their response turns artist’s expression to an artistic experience. With a dead audience, the artist’s performance will be at half level. The work of art is to create metaphors & images. With them it becomes universal & the audience become the co-creators.’’

Khokar said that the art can be learned anywhere & in any form. ‘‘An artist must observe life. Through that he or she will get an extra touch while they demonstrate on stage & that will make them different from others.