An Electric Scooter In Telangana Caught Fire, Exploded While Charging

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Hyderabad, 11th May 2022: In a shocking occurrence, a new case of fire in an electric two-wheeler has come to light. This case is of Ramachandrapur village of Karimnagar district of Telangana.




According to a PTI report, the battery of an electric scooter exploded while charging in the Ramadugu Mandal area of Karimnagar district. The incident took place late at night on Sunday when the owner of the Electric Vehicle (EV) had kept the electric scooter outside his house for charging. The vehicle belonged to a farmer named Odelu.




According to the police, some parts of the vehicle were burnt after the blast. No one was injured due to the incident. The information regarding the brand of this EV is not available.




There have been many instances where the EV caught fire and eventually exploded. There are many reasons why it may happen. A few of them are listed below:


The EVs have a plastic cabinet. When the vehicle becomes hot, the plastic starts to melt, resulting in the melting of the circuits attached to it.

The lack of low heat sink

Chances of short circuit due to current

Battery heating due to high temperature

Batteries being manufactured in China



One should keep these six things in mind while using an EV:


Charge the two-wheeler battery in an outside location within the house. It should never be placed on a textile or a wooden surface.

Never leave the battery charged overnight.

If the e-vehicle is saturated in water, don’t charge it. Charge it only after it has been properly dried and cleaned.

Pay attention to even the tiniest smells when driving. Stop the automobile right away and open the passenger seat first. So that the heat inside can be released.

Do not purchase a vehicle from a Chinese manufacturer. Instead, look for vehicles that are built in India.

Keep your car insurance current. If it’s going to expire, try to renew it a week before it does.