Anant Geete inaugurates multiple facilities at ARAI

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Environment Research Laboratory and Virtual Calibration Centre launched

Pune, February 28: Anant Geete, Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises today inaugurated the newly created Environment Research Laboratory and the Virtual Calibration Centre at the Vetal Hill Campus of the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). Rashmi Urdhwareshe, Director – ARAI, Vishvajit Sahay, Joint Secretary – Department of Heavy Industries, N. V. Marathe and M. R. Saraf senior Deputy Directors of ARAI, Ujjwala Karle, GM Technology Group ARAI and Moqtik Bawase from Environment Research Lab were present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Geete stated, “We have to face global competition or else we will lack behind for that we must know the latest technology available and make optimum use of it. Also, we must simultaneously work towards having our own technology. I am very happy that favourable atmosphere for foreign investment is already in place for auto sector and global auto players are responding to ‘Make in India’ by making large investment in the industry. So far the largest investment under ‘Make in India’ has come in auto sector.”

Considering the upcoming stringent Bharat VI emission norms for vehicles by 2020, ARAI has taken the initiative to set up this Virtual Calibration Centre, which will facilitate calibration of engine and systems to meet Bharat VI norms at a faster pace. Considering these norms, the emission levels are required to be maintained at the prescribed levels under various operating conditions. In such case calibration of the engine and the exhaust system becomes even more important. It could be a time consuming in case of a physical calibration process.

Geete further added, “All the concern industries are working jointly to make BS VI a reality and these newly launched facilities at ARAI will play a big role in this regard.” He also affirmed that, “While making the new auto policy, we would attempt to make it both industry and consumer friendly.”

To make this process faster certain amount of calibration can be done through simulation and this is what will happen at this newly set up Virtual Calibration Centre. Some of the important benefits that automotive industry can derive out of this centre include a lot of saving in time and cost plus the calibration process without CO2 emission. The centre is capable of undertaking upto 60% of the calibration process of engine virtually. Where, a very good level of accuracy of more than 80% can be expected.

The Environment Research Laboratory (ERL) has been formed at ARAI to conduct applied research and evaluation in the field of vehicle exhaust, ambient air. It will provide crucial services for ambient air monitoring and testing of pollutants for the assessment of levels and identification of polluting sources. It will also undertake projects to understand the challenges with the use of alternate fuels on material compatibility, emissions and performance. I will also attempt to provide services for air quality measurement and control for non-exhaust emissions generated from vehicles.

The ERL is equipped with state-of-the-art facility for air quality and vehicle exhaust monitoring and analysis of non-regulated pollutants, evaluation of different fuels and has competency in conducting analysis and evaluation in various areas to combat the growing pollution woes. It endeavors to periodically update India specific data base on emission factors and source profiles for vehicular sources.

In the near future ERL intends to work in areas like study on end-of-life of vehicles / traction batteries (reduce, re-use, recycle), tyre-wear and brake-wear emissions, indoor and cabin air quality.

These initiatives underline ARAI’s motto towards Smart, Safe and Sustainable mobility solutions