Angels on earth wear khaki uniforms in the form of Pune police personnel

Pune police help migrant workers.
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune, May 15, 2020: In the lockdown announced by Maharashtra Government, many families are striving to get back to their hometowns. Although the government is trying to get all the migrants safely to their respective habitats, despite all these efforts, some families made some hasty decisions out of fear.

Migrants who have come to Maharashtra in search of food and shelter decided to reach their villages on their own. Such a situation has arisen due to an absence of knowledge of the schemes implemented by the government. However, the police department is making arrangements to take such people to their homes very quickly.

Pune Joint Commissioner of Police Ravindra Shisve had gone to Wagholi to see the arrangement of buses carrying the workers to the borders of Maharashtra. After completing this work, he was returning to the office at Shivajinagar around 7 pm. He saw a family walking near Shadal Baba Dargah in Yerwada. The family consisted of a couple and their five children. One of them was very thirsty. Seeing them, Jt CP Shisve immediately asked the driver to stop the vehicle and got down. He asked the man who was walking with the family and came to know these people are originally from Jharkhand. They were going from Kharadi to Balewadi where more people from their state were to meet at Balewadi. They had planned to go to Jharkhand from Balewadi but they had no clue about any arrangement there.

Jt CP Shisve gave them biscuits and water; he also gave them the masks. He assured them that he would take them to the government camp, and from there, they would be taken to their village by train or bus. At the same time, a police department jeep was passing by on the road. The jeep was stopped and the family was sent to the shelter home.

These police personnel and officers who are extending a helping hand in times of crisis are becoming angels for the citizens. Police personnel are trying to help such people as much as possible by following the laws. They are also providing personal help on occasion. We must always remember that the angels who strive for our society are hidden in these khaki uniforms that follow the rules of discipline. Their labour, effort, and humanity are unmatched.