Another misfortune: Hike in the price of CNG and PNG

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New Delhi, March 2, 2021: Millions of people of Delhi-NCR (national capital region) are enduring another misfortune due to inflation. Petrol-Diesel and LPG prices have already leapt, now the price of CNG(compressed natural gas) and PNG(piped natural gas) have also plunged high.

Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) has increased the price of CNG by 70 paise per kg. For this increase, IGL has clarified the excess expense incurred, during the pandemic. The new prices will be applicable from March 2, 6 am.

On Monday, the price of 14.9 kg LPG cylinder in Delhi has increased by Rs 25 and now, the price of the domestic gas cylinder has increased from Rs 794 to Rs 819. The price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder has increased by Rs 125 between February 1 to March 1.

It will be available for Rs 43.40 in New Delhi and Rs 49.08 in Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad. Likewise, in Kanpur, Hamirpur and Fatehpur it will be Rs 60.50 per kg. Again in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli, it will be Rs 57.25 and in Rewari, it will be Rs 54.10 per kg. Whereas Karnal and Kaithal will get Rs 51.38 as increased rates. Similarly, IGL has increased the price of PNG by 91 paise.

Earlier, the price of the LPG cylinder was increased by Rs 25 on February 1, Rs 50 on February 15 and then by Rs 25 on February 25. Within a week, on Monday i.e. March 1, the price of LPG did increase by Rs 25 per kg of a gas cylinder. In such a condition, the price of the LPG cylinder has intensified by Rs 125 for one month.

Presently the prices of the domestic market have become hysterical due to the fire in edible oils. Consumers are not getting any relief from the government’s end to reduce import duty to hinder this boom. The global stock market is encountering a strong downward trend due to reduced supply from the major edible oil-producing countries, which has a direct impact on the domestic market. Imported palm oil prices have gone up by 80-85% during the Corona period.