‘Anukriti’: Driving Business of Empathy and Compassion During Period of Crisis

handloom anukriti pune
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Pune, 30th September 2021: The COVID-19 outbreak has devastated lives and created havoc around us. Everything came to a standstill, and it became a war-like situation. The fear of disease was killing more than the disease itself. We need to thank many people for making our world a better place and whom we need to support even more during these months of crisis. Health professionals, cleaners, delivery boys, our support staff, and the list goes on and on.

Empathy in its purest form—is the force that moves businesses forward. History has taught us that empathy and business go hand in hand. A small Pune based firm Anukriti, which helps to promote tribal art and handlooms has embedded this to the core of its business of societal change and transformation.

Our staff reporter spoke to the CEO & Founder of this Pune based emerging startup Anukriti, Anuradha Upadhyay. She explained how things have changed and became very difficult for everyone. A driver was going through a difficult financial situation, and Anukriti managed to help the driver’s wife start a new business of stitching, getting the blouse stitched. With little guidance and training, she was able to come to the speed and now working with Anukriti to complement the stitching requirements. They are now able to take care of their daughter’s education. Anukriti has provided support to her daughter by providing a laptop for her education.

The story does not end here. Gulphara from Chanderi is one of the few who approached Anuradha last year during the pandemic period to seek help. She told Anuradha that she was a woman weaver and requested support. Since then, she and her family have been working with Anukriti, weaving beautiful Chanderi sarees.

The story continues for Nibedita from Bengal, Khusboo from Bihar, whom Anuradha has stitched in its ecosystem.