APCCI Joins Forces for Grand Independence Day Cleanliness Campaign Across Pune

adar poonawala cleanliness drive in Pune
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Pune, 16th August 2023: The Adar Poonawalla Clean City Initiative (APCCI) enthusiastically joined a comprehensive cleanliness campaign at over 100 diverse sites throughout Pune in observance of Independence Day. Executed on August 13th and 14th, 2023, this drive formed a significant segment of the expansive effort orchestrated by Swachh Pune Swachh Bharat’s “Don Taas, Ek Swach Pune Prayas,” an initiative pioneered by Wing Commander Puneet Sharma.

This annual grand endeavor served as a unifying platform for NGOs, communities, and volunteer groups to collaboratively engage in endeavors aimed at enhancing aesthetics, heightening awareness, executing plantation initiatives, and executing waste collection and sanitation activities in public spaces.

The initiative underscores the imperative for ordinary citizens to actively contribute to their city’s livability by embracing freedom from litter and pollution. This year, the campaign continued to propagate its message under the overarching theme of ‘SWAG’: ‘S’ symbolizes Swachhta, encompassing organized cleanliness drives; ‘W’ signifies Waste and E-Waste Collection; ‘A’ denotes awareness campaigns through vibrant wall paintings; and ‘G’ represents the GoGreen movement, encompassing diverse plantation drives.

APCCI’s active involvement was notably concentrated on the weekend Cleanliness Drives across diverse sites. The leadership for these initiatives was undertaken by a dedicated team, including Malhar Karwande, COO of APCCI; Satya Natarajan, Lead Volunteer at APCCI; Nilesh Ramekar, Manager at APCCI; all operating under the sagacious guidance of Krishnan Komandur, CEO of APCCI.