Apollo LogiSolutions announces partnership with Indigo airlines and UNICEF Ventures funded StaTwig for India’s first Vaccine Platform Solution

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New Delhi, April 1, 2021: Apollo LogiSolutions (ALS), an Integrated Logistics solutions provider, has announced that it is collaborating with leading players across technology, cold chain warehousing, pharmaceutical, healthcare, airline and airport sectors for its new ‘integrated vaccine delivery platform’. Apollo LogiSolutions aims to enhance the current Covid-19 vaccine distribution model in India with its new solution and has already onboarded UNICEF backed blockchain technology firm StaTwig for technology capabilities; Coldman, Kool Solutions and other major companies for effective cold chain warehousing of 70,000+ pallet capacity at 10 locations in India and GMR-Hyderabad airport and Indigo airlines for air transportation.

IndiGo, India’s leading airline is amongst fastest growing low-cost carriers in the world which has been playing a pivotal role in India’s inoculation drive by transporting vaccines within the country. By collaborating with IndiGo, Apollo LogiSolutions plans to bolster its initiative of contributing towards world’s largest vaccination drive.

Apollo LogiSolutions’ ‘integrated vaccine platform solution’ is designed to address the end-to-end supply-chain related challenges and bring more transparency and effective tracking for effective Covid-19 vaccine distribution in the country.

Announcing the new solution, Raaja Kanwar, Vice chairman and Managing Director, Apollo LogiSolutions said, “It’s a proud moment for everyone at Apollo LogiSolutions to have been able to build a solution that will help India in its mission to immunize its people against Covid-19. We have already partnered with some of the most trusted names in the industry and will continue to add more to make the platform more robust as part of our commitment in creating an effective end-to-end distribution platform for the Covid-19 vaccine.”

He added, “As India grows, the logistics segment will need to scale, adapt and transform itself to the needs of businesses and consumers. Apollo LogiSolutions is aggressively working towards introducing innovative technologies, tools and operational excellence to streamline the fragmented sector, make it future ready and drive better efficiency.”

Sid Chakravarthy, founder of StaTwig mentioned that “India manufacturers 60% of global vaccines by volume. With this integrated solution that ensures quality and safety of the vaccines both in domestic and international supply chains, we can make Indian vaccines market much more resilient and sustainable.”

In addition to the current partners, Apollo LogiSolutions is also engaging with major players in the healthcare and pharma sector alongside various local and central government authorities and ministries to get them on-board.