AR Rahman Faces Severe Backlash On Social Media; Daughters Come To His Defence

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Chennai, 12th September 2023: Oscar-winning music musician AR Rahman has been making headlines following his concert in Chennai on Sunday night. While thousands of fans eagerly gathered at the venue to attend the performance, their experience turned sour due to a chaotic situation caused by the organizers’ mismanagement. Several attendees reported injuries, while women claimed cases of groping and botheration amidst the tumultuous crowd. Likewise, children were separated from their guardians due to overcrowding.

In a show of support for their father, AR Rahman’s daughters, Raheema and Khatija, released a statement that defended him against the negative media content and allegations of wrongdoing. Their statement clarified,” The reason for the unfortunate circumstances that occurred yesterday lies 100% with the organizers! However, he has taken responsibility and is being held accountable( sic).” The post also highlighted a series of charity concerts that the composer held from 2016 to 2022 and said, “Think before you speak” urging people to consider the full context before passing negative judgment.

Along with AR Rahman’s daughters, Yuvan Shankar Raja has also expressed his solidarity with Rahman and strongly blamed the event organizers. He stated,” Being a fellow musician, I deeply understand the situation and firmly stand by AR Rahman, especially in light of the regrettable circumstances. The concert was meant to provide fans with a memorable night, and it’s disheartening that it did not unfold as intended.”
On Monday, the event organizers issued an official apology in response to the unfortunate turn of events. AR Rahman, deeply disturbed by the incident, also tweeted his regrets and offered compensation to those who had valid tickets but couldn’t attend the concert due to the overwhelming crowd. Disheartened fans took to social media to express criticism directed at the renowned singer-composer.

The concert, which took place at the Adityaram Palace in Chennai on Sunday, reportedly drew nearly 50,000 attendees. The venue reached its capacity, leaving multitudinous fans stranded outside despite holding valid tickets. Photographs and videos from the event have gone viral on the internet, depicting scenes of distressed children separated from their guardians and women voicing complaints of harassment within the crowd.