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“Whenever in future the battle is fought, armoured troops will play a decisive role” said General Heinz Guderian, and this statement has stood the test of time.  ‘Fire Power and Manoeuvre Exercise’ and ‘Equipment display’ was held  on 10 Jan 2017 at KK Ranges near Ahmednagar, under the aegis of the Armoured Corps Centre and School (ACC&S) and the Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre (MIRC). The spectacular demonstration of fire power and manoeuvre showcased Mechanised Forces capabilities, proficiency and operational preparedness.  The ear-deafening thunder of Tanks and Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs), which unleashed their lethal and accurate fire power at the KK Ranges, near Ahmednagar left the viewers awestruck.

ACC&S and MIRC are the premier establishments of the Indian Mechanised Forces headed by Major General Praveen Dixit, VSM** and Brigadier V V Subramaniam respectively.  These institutions, besides training the personnel of our Armoured Forces, also train students from friendly foreign countries in Mechanised Warfare and Technical Training on Armoured Fighting Vehicles.

Most modern equipment in the inventory of the army fired with precision in cohesion with each other, with the main attraction being T-90 tanks.  The Mechanised Forces Fire Power and Manoeuvre Exercise was conducted over two hours wherein during Part I, the technological and tactical capability of the integrated might of the tanks, Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs) and Attack Helicopters were showcased.  During Part II, Firing on static and dynamic mode was carried out, followed by display of manoeuvre by the ‘A’ vehicles.

The display of the power of tanks and ICVs showcased the crew’s commendable adeptness in handling the equipment and hitting the bulls eye everytime.  The Hunter Killer concept was amply proven by the T-90 tanks, which while on the move, accurately engaged different targets at varying ranges.

This was followed by a spectacular display of quick attack on a simulated enemy position, by a Combat Group duly supported by the Indian Air Force fighter aircrafts (Su-30MKI).  The spectators were enthralled by the sight of tanks charging on to them, supported by covering fire and bombardment by Artillery and Air Force Fighter Aircrafts.  On termination of this manoeuvre, spectators had an opportunity to see the Tanks, Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs), different weapon platforms and ammunition from close quarters and assess their capability.