Army Officer, Relatives Accused of Rape and Marriage Fraud; Case Transferred to Pune Police

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Reported by Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 24th April 2024: An army officer faces allegations of raping a young woman under the pretext of marriage. The victim, who recently filed a complaint with the Haryana Police, has prompted an investigation into the matter, subsequently transferred to the Pune Police for further scrutiny.

The case was registered at Lashkar police station against a Major rank officer who resides in Wanwadi. His mother and a relative are also booked.

According to police, the victim, hailing from Haryana, had registered on a matrimonial website where she came into contact with the officer’s mother, who expressed interest in her for marriage.

Subsequently, his family visited the girl’s residence in Haryana to discuss matrimonial matters. Following these initial interactions, communication between the victim and the officer escalated.

Under the guise of marriage, the victim was lured to Pune, where she was accommodated in a star hotel in the Camp area where they had physical relations. They also went on an outing to Khandala.

However, he and his family members cut off communication and did not proceed with the marriage ceremony.

Feeling helpless and threatened, the victim eventually lodged a complaint with the Faridabad police station in Haryana. The case was transferred to Pune police as the incident took place here.