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Pune, March 27, 2020: Along with the Nation, the Southern Command, which is the largest Command of the Indian Army has undertaken OP NAMASTE, i.e. Army’s battle to fight against the COVID-19.

Lt Gen CP Mohanty, Army Commander, Southern Command has conducted number of video conferences with the Formation Commanders and other Senior Officers to coordinate and direct efforts towards a successful fight against COVID-19.

“Pre-emptive measures on social distancing and other pre-cautions launched have ensured that army personnel are not infected by the virus. Strict enforcement of the lockdown is being ensured and movement of troops has been severely restricted to maintenance of essential services only. Screening and quarantining of all ranks and their families is being ensured meticulously alongwith contact tracing to ensure there is no spread of COVID-19”, stated a press release from Southern Command.

Army officials said that Southern Command is ensuring regular contact and providing all necessary assistance to its vulnerable Veterans and “Veer Naris” in the area of responsibility. ECHS polyclinics have been kept functional as part of essential services to provide medical cover to the Ex Servicemen. Separate timings have been kept for them at all convenience and grocery stores to ensure physical distancing.


Meanwhile, all efforts are underway to prepare for a larger emergency which may occur and augmentation of medical and other facilities are underway. Procurement of medical equipment holdings and personal protective equipment are also underway on a war footing. Efforts to identify and earmark locations across various stations of Southern Command for setting up quarantine and isolation centres have commenced.

In the ongoing crisis, Army has also extended efforts towards helping its citizens. 484 Indian Nationals airlifted from Iran are undergoing quarantine at Army Wellness Centre, Jaisalmer and 277 more Indian Nationals again air lifted from Iran are under quarantine at Army Wellness Centre, Jodhpur. Coordination efforts with all States Govts / Administration is on as part of the ‘whole of the Nation’ approach to fight the Pandemic.

NAMASTE, an Indian salutation which the whole World has now adopted is an apt name to lead India’s fight against COVID-19.