At Most Shiv Sena Will Lose Power In Maharashtra…But Power Can Come Back: Sanjay Raut

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Amit Singh

Mumbai, 22nd June 2022: Shiv Sena spokesperson and MP Sanjay Raut has claimed that “we are not angry at all. I spoke to Eknath Shinde. He has not made any demands.”

Saying that Shinde’s revolt is an internal issue, Raut rejected the BJP’s claim. “At most power will go. Power can be regained, but the party’s reputation is paramount”, Raut said while speaking to the media.

He further informed that Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) supremo Sharad Pawar will meet today. “The work has started a little slower as the governor is ill. Let the governor feel a little better then let’s see who has how many MLAs. No need to be too hasty. We are sure that Eknath Shinde and all our people will return home. There is good dialogue with Eknath Shinde and other colleagues,” said Raut.

When asked about the displeasure of MLAs against NCP and Congress, Raut said that he did not know about it. “We are in government with them. I don’t think any MLA would have said that” he said.

“I had a talk with Eknath Shinde this morning. He is a Shiv Sainik. From Balasaheb Thackeray till now he has worked for Shiv Sena. Discussions and dialogues are ongoing. I have also given an idea to Uddhav Thackeray about the discussion with Eknath Shinde. If you think something is happening in Shiv Sena, it is not so. Everyone outside is a Shiv Sainik and they want to stay with Shiv Sena. If these things have happened due to some misunderstanding, they will be removed, ” added Raut.

Speaking on the demand to form a government with the BJP, Raut said, “I don’t think so. If BJP thinks that the Thackeray government will collapse, then Shiv Sena has the power to be born from ashes. Shiv Sena has risen from the ashes many times before. This is the history of the last 56 years. But Eknath Shinde, our friend and colleague, is very lively and a positive discussion is going on. Leaving the party is not easy for them and neither is it for us. We are having a discussion. This morning we had an hour-long discussion. The party chief has been informed about that. Will discuss it again. Discussions are also underway with other MLAs. Everyone is in Shiv Sena.”

Sanjay Raut clarified that Eknath Shinde is not angry with anyone at the party. “They have no demands and no conditions have been laid down. From his words, he will stay with Shiv Sena and will remain Shiv Sainik for the rest of his life,” said Raut.

Speaking on the claim that Eknath Shinde took this step because Shiv Sena wanted to get out of Mahavikas Aghadi (MVA), he said, “Shiv Sena is not attacking from behind. Yesterday and this morning I also had a discussion with Sharad Pawar. Sharad Pawar and Uddhav Thackeray will meet today. Congress and NCP are backing Uddhav Thackeray.”

When asked about Eknath Shinde going to Guwahati with MLAs without any demand, he said, “Assam has a beautiful Kaziranga forest. MLAs will travel. MLAs should go around, and see the country. Seeing the country is the identity of the country.”