Atal Mission investments for Telangana approved for the five year mission period

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            Under the Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), an expenditure of Rs.1,673 cr will be incurred on improving basic urban infrastructure in 12 mission cities in Telangana by 2019-20, the last year of the mission.

            Minister of Urban Development Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu approved an investment of Rs.703 cr under Atal Mission over the next three financial years i.e 2017-20, taking the total mission investment to Rs.1,673 cr.

            Expenditure of Rs.415 cr for 2015-16 and Rs.555 cr for 2016-17, as proposed by the State Government  under the State Annual Action Plans for respective years was earlier  approved by the Ministry of Urban Development.

            Ministry of Urban Development provides a total central assistance of Rs.832 cr for the five year mission period which is almost half of the total expenditure to be incurred in 12 mission cities and towns of Telangana.

            Of the Rs.703 cr approved for 2017-20, Rs.560 cr will be spent on water supply projects, Rs.126 cr on expanding sewerage networks and Rs.17 cr for development of parks and green spaces in mission cities. Of this, a lion’s share of Rs.424.26 will be spent on water supply projects in Warangal.

            Details of investments over the next three years (2017-20) in the 12 mission cities in Telangana are as below:

S.No City/Town Water supply

(Rs. cr)

Sewerage and

Septage management

(Rs. cr)

Green spaces

and parks

(Rs. cr)


(Rs. cr)

1 Warangal 424.26     0.00 1.44 425.70
2 Siddipet     0.00 100.00 1.50 101.50
3 Khammam   47.84     0.00 1.00   48.84
4 Mahaboobnagar   41.58     0.00 1.50   43.08
5 Nizamabad     4.52   26.00 1.79   32.31
6 Karimnagar   24.98     0.00 1.50   26.48
7 Nalgonda   11.28     0.00 0.75   12.03
8 Miryalaguda     4.07     0.00 1.80    5.87
9 Suryapet     1.45     0.00 1.25    2.70
10 GHMC     0.00     0.00 2.02    2.02
11 Ramagundam     0.00     0.00 1.50    1.50
12 Adilabad     0.00     0.00 0.95    0.95

            Telangana Government has proposed expenditure in different mission cities over the next three years based on the proposals approved for various cities and towns for 2015-17.

            Under AMRUT, provision of water taps to all urban households in mission cities and augmenting water supply to the normative level of 135 litres per head per day is given priority followed by expanding sewerage and drainage networks while development of open and green spaces every year in mission cities is mandatory.

            Under this mission, central assistance is allocated to States/UTs for five years based on urban population and number of statutory Urban Local Bodies in each State/UT. Cities and towns with a population of above one lakh each are included in the Mission and accordingly, 12 cities and towns from Telangana are among the 500 mission cities. State and city governments propose action plans with matching contributions.

            For Andhra Pradesh, a total investment of Rs.2,890 cr with central assistance of Rs.1,057 was earlier approved for the five year mission period of 2015-20 for 33 mission cities.

            Central Government has approved  Rs.50,000 cr for providing central assistance for improving basic urban infrastructure in 500 mission cities during 2015-20.