Attempted Shooting of Builder in Pune Thwarted by Malfunctioning Pistol

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Pune, 17th April 2024: A series of violent incidents have taken place in Pune even after the police commissionerate conducted investigations and cracked down on goons carrying illegal firearms. On Tuesday afternoon, an attempt was made to shoot a builder named Dheeraj Dineshchandra Argade on Jangli Maharaj (JM) Road, Jhansi Rani Laxmibai Chowk area. Argade, a builder, survived the incident as the pistol failed to discharge due to a technical glitch.

The police responded quickly to the incident, but the assailants fled the scene on a bike. Argade filed a complaint at Shivajinagar Police Station, and a search for the attackers is ongoing.

The following morning, another shooting occurred in the Shewalewadi area of Hadapsar, resulting in the injury of a man named Jaywant Bapurao Khalate, aged 53. He was shot in the leg during a dispute and was taken to a private hospital for treatment.

The suspect in this incident, Sudhir Ramchandra Shedge, has been detained by the police. Both Shedge and Khalate were former army personnel and owned a security company. The altercation between the two men started over the recruitment of security guards at Dreams Nandini Society in Shewalwadi. Shedge ended up shooting Khalate in the leg with his pistol, causing panic in the area.

The police arrived at the scene promptly and arrested Shedge. Both incidents highlight the rising concerns about gun violence in Pune and the need for stronger measures to control the possession of illegal firearms.