Pune’s Mayor Bungalow Water Meter Serves as Decoration, Says Vigilant Citizen Forum

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Pune, 17th April 2024: A water meter has been installed on the water supply channel leading to the Mayor’s bungalow in Pune, but it has been discovered that the water supply to the bungalow is sourced from a channel taken from the Ghole Road Ward Office. This has led the Vigilant Citizen Forum to claim that the water meter at the Mayor’s bungalow serves as a mere decoration.

A few months ago, Vivek Velankar, president of Vigilant Citizen Forum, called for the installation of water meters at government properties, including the Mayor’s bungalow, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) Commissioner’s bungalow, and Collector’s bungalow, to assess water consumption. During his inspection of the Mayor’s bungalow, Velankar found that the water meter was not being used for its intended purpose.

Velankar stated that while a water meter was present on the water supply channel to the Mayor’s bungalow, it was not being utilized for water supply. Instead, the water was being sourced from the Ghole Road Ward Office aqueduct. Velankar has requested the PMC’s Water Supply Department to immediately install functioning water meters at these locations and to publish statistics on per capita water consumption, aiming to ensure that it remains under 150 litres per day in these government and semi-government properties.