‘Awaken The Leader in You’ by Mitesh Khatri is a life-changing National Bestseller!

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Pune: ‘Awaken The Leader in You’, authored by Mitesh Khatri, will inspire you to develop leadership skills to take control of both, your personal and professional life. The book has escalated to the status of a National Bestseller with thousands of people experiencing life-altering benefits from reading it.

Bestselling author, Mitesh Khatri, is one of the world’s most trusted Corporate Leadership trainer and motivational speaker. He has trained and transformed more than 200,000 people in over 200 organizations in India, US, Thailand, Dubai, Oman, etc.

Some of the highlights that have turned ‘Awaken the Leader in You’ into a national bestseller are that the book teaches you to learn how to create and maintain High Energy for Super productivity, how to manage immense pressure in life and achieve extraordinary goals, learn a completely new perspective to Leadership, learn how to improve your Emotional Intelligence instantly and much more.

‘Awaken the Leader in You’ by Mitesh Khatri, is a life changing book that is a must read!

For a free download of the first chapter, visit; www.MiteshKhatri.com