Back to back wins for CNA at 1st edition of Punit Balan-Kedar Jadhav Mega Club Championship Cricket Tournament 2022 – 23

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Pune, December 24, 2022: Cricket Next Academy (CNA) scored second win on a trot in their league encounter at the 1st edition of Punit Balan-Kedar Jadhav Mega Club under 16 group Championship which is being organized by Punit Balan- Kedar Jadhav Cricket Academy and will be played at Katariya and Legends Cricket Grounds

Ishan Khond scored a brilliant 120 runs of 128 balls to guide Cricket Next Academy scored a 1 wicket win over PYC Hindu Gymkhana, while Spark Cricket Academy registered a 1 wicket win over Desire Cricket Academy.

Following are the results: League Round:
Desire Cricket Academy: 188/9 in 46Overs(Yash Hale 50(66,6×4), Yash Mahanwar 26(50,3×4), Harshvardhan Narvate 27(33,2×4), Sarthak Chaudhary 4-62, Rounak Gorde 2-6, Vignesh Kate 2-24) lost to Spark Cricket Academy: 189/9 in 43.5Overs(Samyak Sastrabuddhe 34(57, 5×4), Advait Waman 33(47, 4×4,1×6), Ansh Papneja not out 32(59,3×4), Krish Nimbalkar 31(25, 7×4), Dhruvil Raithatha 29(59), Kisan Paliwal 5-28, Yash Hale 3-36); MOM:- Sarthak Chaudhary; Spark Cricket Academy won by 1wicket;

PYC Hindu Gymkhana: 290/8 in 50Overs(Arahan 87(118, 14×4), Onkar Thorat 82(73, 12×4), Arjun Shedge not out 44(38,6×4,1×6), Chandras Bhalgare 26, Aayush Raktade 4-55, Sai Pardeshi 1-21, Diptesh Manave 1-30) lost to CNA: 294/9 in 49.4Overs(Ishan Khond 120(128,18×4), Sai Pardeshi 34(42, 3×4), Aditya Bhat 24(41), Shriniwas Gade not out 22, Atharva Nimje 2-54, Soham Kamble 2-64); MOM – Ishan Khond; CNA won by 1wicket.