Bahrain: Woman Breaks Lord Ganesh Idols In Supermarket, Now Prosecuted By Police

Bahrain Ganesh statues
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Manama (Bahrain), August 17, 2020: The video of a woman wearing a burqa in a supermarket breaking the Lord Ganesh idol is being shared widely on social media. Due to this, there is a lot of resentment in the Hindu community which form about 10% of Bahrain’s population.
The video is from Jafair Market in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. In the video, two women are seen standing in the aisle of the supermarket wearing a burqa. One of the women picked up the idols and started throwing them on the floor one by one.
The woman can be heard shouting at an employee of the Supermarket in Arabic. The woman objected to the Ganpati idols being sold in the Muslim country, saying that “This is the country of Mohammed bin Isa, do you think they approved it?”
After which the shop worker says that we believe it is a Muslim country. To this, another woman says, “We will see who will worship these idols. Call the police Bahrain is a Muslim country with a majority of believers in Islam.”
Bahrain Police has taken legal action against the woman who broke the idols of the Ganapati. According to local media reports, the 54-year-old woman has been accused of insulting the religious sentiments and rituals of a community. Bahrain’s interior ministry said the police had taken legal steps against the woman for damaging a shop and defaming a sect and its rituals.