Bajaj Pulsar NS200 creates a record for fastest quarter mile wheelie entering FMSCI Indian National Record and the India Book of Records

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National, March 2021: New national record for the fastest quarter mile wheelie was successfully achieved with the famous Pulsar NS200 which entered the India Book of Records and FMSCI Indian National Record. With road tester Hrushikesh Mandke on the saddle, the record was set in the presence of a senior representative from Federation of Motor Sports Club of India (FMSCI) and an adjudicator from the India Book of Records. The wheelie was executed in a record 23.68 seconds.

The record was attempted on an airport runway which was blocked-off for the record attempt. All the necessary safety protocols were laid down by some of the country’s finest and most experienced automotive journalists and road testers.

The rider was provided with all the necessary safety equipment and gear. The Bajaj Pulsar NS200 used to set the record was in original showroom stock condition. A special waiver was requested for and obtained from the steward for removal of the number plates and the rear mudguard to avoid scrapping the tarmac while performing the wheelie.

The Bajaj Pulsar NS200 was chosen for its power packed performance. The NS200’s powerful engine delivers 24.5 PS of raw power that helped Hrushikesh Mandke set a good time. The patented triple-spark DTSi technology offered the bike smooth throttle response giving him complete control throughout the attempt. The perimeter frame with its high stiffness provided predictable handling even on one wheel of the Pulsar NS200.

Commenting on successfully entering the record books on the Pulsar NS200, Hrushikesh Mandke said “I learnt to stunt on the first-generation Bajaj Pulsar, and I’m delighted to wheelie into the record books with the Pulsar NS 200. I have always trusted the Pulsar to deliver the performance and safety to enable extraordinary motorcycle stunts and it is fantastic that Indian stunt riders are now gunning for the record books, with made-in-India motorcycles.”

The complete video of the record can be seen online on Bajaj Pulsar’s YouTube channel.